GTA's definition of common criteria on Alternatives

GTA's definition of common criteria on Alternatives

As one of the main outcome reflections of the internal seminars we run on 2021, the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives's core team identified the need to work on a more detailed definition and criteria on “AlternativesAre activities and initiatives, concepts, worldviews, or action proposals by collectives, groups, organizations, communities, or social movements challenging and replacing the dominant system that perpetuates inequality, exploitation, and unsustainabiity. In the GTA we focus primarily on what we call "radical or transformative alternatives", which we define as initiatives that are attempting to break with the dominant system and take paths towards direct and radical forms of political and economic democracy, localised self-reliance, social justice and equity, cultural and knowledge diversity, and ecological resilience. Their locus is neither the State nor the capitalist economy. They are advancing in the process of dismantling most forms of hierarchies, assuming the principles of sufficiency, autonomy, non-violence, justice and equality, solidarity, and the caring of life and the Earth. They do this in an integral way, not limited to a single aspect of life. Although such initiatives may have some kind of link with capitalist markets and the State, they prioritize their autonomy to avoid significant dependency on them and tend to reduce, as much as possible, any relationship with them.” from GTA's perspective1). This is needed in order to communicate in a clearer way what types of grassroots initiatives are we aiming to weave.

Since in 2022 one of our main goals is to strengthen and support the work of the Weavers at the local level, achieving more clear common definitions reveals to be a very important piece in the creation of the tapestry. This is also a very important piece to feed the distributed collaborative documentation and mapping of Alternatives being developed by GTA2).

At the same time, in the near future the GTA aims to incorporate new WeaverA local, regional, or national network or organization that connects or consists of multiple Alternatives. It should be a collective process of some kind, rather than only a single individual. By being a "weaver", they are committed to participate in the GTA, developing ways of dialogue, interconnection, collaboration and solidarity with other Weavers. GTA promotes the interconnection of the Weavers, identifying [[:weavers:criteria|a series common criteria for the weaving of Alternatives]]. Examples: Vikalp Sangam and Crianza Mutua. by identifying existing regional networks and also promoting the creation of new ones. In this sense, the collective exercise to identify these common criteria is a very important one.


Inputs for the process

The initial components are the:

The second component comes from the Weavers: each of them provides its own definitions and criteria for the weaving of their own networks:

Dialogues with Weavers

We run a series of dialogue between Weavers and GTA's core members, in order to share and understand each Weavers criteria. Here are the documentation of each of them:

GTA's common criteria document elaboration

After the first dialogue, between CMM and VS, Mauricio, Gustavo and Franco prepared a first document with ten common principles among those two weavers. That document was then commented and edited by Ashish and Shrishtee, producing a second version.

The GTA's core team is now commited to produce a first draft of the document with the definitions that reflect its own position, building on top on was produced so far, incorporating the identified commonalities in order to embrace them and promote the “dialogue and interconnection” of the different networks of alternatives.

Final public document

The first public version of the document is available here.

This was decided on Jan 2022 core meeting, minutes available here
About this, see this and this
this was collectively discussed and written by GTA's core in 2019
this was collectively discussed and written by GTA's core in 2020
This text was produced after the dialogue process and they received feedback from some GTA members
After this session ACD provided inputs for the discussion trought a draft paper entitled “Weaving the Multiversum: Draft paper for the GTA core group internal discussion”, available in this link