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Endorsers contacts

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Endorsers contacts

Endorsing organizations

Endorsing Organisation Website Contact point Email
African Biodiversity Network Fassil Gebeyehu fassil@africanbiodiversity.org
Afrika Youth Movement Sodfa Daaji maildaajisodfa.pr@gmail.com
Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa Million Belay million.belay@afsafrica.org
Community Economies Collective  Katherine Gibson and Katharine McKinnon K.Gibson@westernsydney.edu.au; K.McKinnon@latrobe.edu.au
Defend the Sacred Martin Winiecki martin.winiecki@tamera.org
Earthlife Africa Jhb Makoma Lekalakala makoma@earthlife.org.za
ECOLISE Juan Del Rio & Tom Henfrey Juan.DelRio@ecolise.eu; tom.henfrey@ecolise.eu eamon.ohara@ecolise.eu
European Commons Assembly Ana Margarida Esteves anamargarida.esteves@gmail.com
Faircoop Enric Duran enric@enricduran.cat
Focus on the Global South Shalmali Guttal s.guttal@focusweb.org
Forest Peoples Programme  Tom Griffiths tom@forestpeoples.org
Gaia Foundation Julia info@gaianet.org
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature  Nati Greene nati.greene@gmail.com
Global Forest Coalition  Simone Lovera simone@globalforestcoalition.org
Global University for Sustainability  Margaret Sit Tsui sittsui@gmail.com
Great Transition Initiative  Paul Raskin praskin@tellus.org
Health of Mother Earth Foundation Nnimmo Bassey nnimmo@gmail.com
ICCA Consortium  Holly Jonas and Aili Pyhala holly@iccaconsortium.org aili.pyhala@helsinki.fi
International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples Cass Madden cass@andes.org.pe
It Takes Roots! Cindy Weisner cindy@ggjalliance.org
Local Futures Helena Norberg-Hodge hnh@localfutures.org
People's Health Movement  Bridget Lloyd (Global Coordinator People's Health Movement) blloyd@phmovement.org
Research and Degrowth Federico Demaria federicodemaria@gmail.com
The Leap Rajiv Sicora rajiv.sicora@gmail.com
Transnational Institute  Monica Vargas C. Fiona m.vargas@tni.org, fdove@tni.org
Transition Network Claire Milne clairemilne@transitionnetwork.org
WoMin Samantha Hargreaves Samantha.Hargreaves@womin.org.za
Yes to Life, No to Mining Network Hal Rhoades hal@gaianet.org
May First Movement Technology Melanie Bush melanie.e.l.bush@gmail.com
Newalliance.earth Hans Widmer hans.e.widmer@icloud.com
North South Initiative Adreian Pareira liberationx@gmail.com
Wellbeing Economy Alliance Lisa Hough-Stewart Katherine Trebeck lisa@wellbeingeconomy.org; katherine@wellbeingeconomy.org
The Convivialists Alain Caillé  mauss1981@aol.com
Indigenous Environment Network Tom Goldtooth ientomg@gmail.com
Soil Not Oil Coalition Miguel Rodles soilnotoilcoalition@gmail.com
REEVO Franco info@reevo.org
Sangat contact@sangatnetwork.org
Ecoversities Alliance Manish Jain manish@xinx.co
Global Working Group Beyond Development Ashish
Women4Biodiversity / CBD Women's Caucus Mrinalini Rai mrinalini.rai@gmail.com
Global Ecovillage Network Trudy Juriansz trudy.juriansz@ecovillage.org
Post-Growth Institute Donnie Maclurcan donnie@postgrowth.org
Global Extractivisms and AlternativesAre activities and initiatives, concepts, worldviews, or action proposals by collectives, groups, organizations, communities, or social movements challenging and replacing the dominant system that perpetuates inequality, exploitation, and unsustainabiity. In the GTA we focus primarily on what we call "radical or transformative alternatives", which we define as initiatives that are attempting to break with the dominant system and take paths towards direct and radical forms of political and economic democracy, localised self-reliance, social justice and equity, cultural and knowledge diversity, and ecological resilience. Their locus is neither the State nor the capitalist economy. They are advancing in the process of dismantling most forms of hierarchies, assuming the principles of sufficiency, autonomy, non-violence, justice and equality, solidarity, and the caring of life and the Earth. They do this in an integral way, not limited to a single aspect of life. Although such initiatives may have some kind of link with capitalist markets and the State, they prioritize their autonomy to avoid significant dependency on them and tend to reduce, as much as possible, any relationship with them. Initiative (EXALT) Sophia Hagolani-Albov sophia.hagolani-albov@helsinki.fi
Red Universidad y Compromiso Social de Sevilla Azril Bacalbazril@gmail.com
Coalition against Land Grabbing (CALG) - Philippines Dario Novellino calgpalawan@gmail.com
Socialist Workers and Youth League Lai Brown socialistworkersleague@gmail.com
Natural Justice Pooven Moodleypooven@naturaljustice.org.za
The Emergence Network Bayo Akomolafe bayo@bayoakomolafe.net

Individual endorsers

  1. Alberto Acosta alacosta48@yahoo.com
  2. Yellen Aguilar Ararat yaguilarararat@gmail.com
  3. Bayo Akomolafe bayo@bayoakomolafe.net
  4. Nnimmo Bassey nnimmo@gmail.com
  5. Mariann Bassey annybassey@yahoo.com
  6. Patrick Bond pbond@mail.ngo.za
  7. Federico Demaria federicodemaria@gmail.com
  8. Tiokasin Ghosthorse tiokasin@gmail.com
  9. Tom Goldtooth ientomg@gmail.com
  10. Eduardo Gudynas egudynas@gmail.com
  11. Edgardo Lander elanderl@yahoo.com
  12. Makoma Lekalakala makoma@earthlife.org.za
  13. Betty Ruth Lozano lozanobetty@hotmail.com
  14. Thomas Moore, tm1854@gmail.com
  15. Frances Moore Lappe frances@smallplanet.org
  16. George Monbiot george@monbiot.info
  17. Charo Mina Rojas charominarojas@gmail.com
  18. Helena Norberg-Hodge hnh@localfutures.org
  19. Mordecai Ogada mordecai@ogada.co.ke
  20. Elba Palacios elbamerc@yahoo.com
  21. Paul Raskin praskin@tellus.org
  22. Wade Pickren wpar29@gmail.com
  23. Tatiana Roa Totuma07@yahoo.com
  24. Sulak Sivaraksa spd@semsikkha.org
  25. Maristella Svampa maristellasvampa@yahoo.com
  26. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz vtcorpuz2006@yahoo.com
  27. Jose Maria Tortosa jmtortosa3@gmail.com
  28. Shiv Visvanathan svcsds@gmail.com
  29. Christoph Woiwode woiwode@igcs-chennai.org
  30. Raúl Zibechi raulzibechi@gmail.com