Webinars file management

Webinars file management

Create and edit banners/posters

All the editable files are stored in Git repository, here

To create the hand-made drawings to illustrate the banners and website, we use a Wacom tablet with MyPaint. The files are stored as .ora in the repository.

To edit the svgz files, you need a vector design software. The best option is to use Inkscape, which is the one used to create them in the first place. You can get it from this website.

Before you open and edit the files, be sure to have installed the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives font families: “Expletus Sans” (used in headings) and “Open Sans” (used in body text). Find them in this repo.

After your edition, be sure to export them as png with a 96 dpi resolution. All this options are in the export box.

Uploading video recordings

This document collects the commands used to handle and upload the resulting files of webinars. Files are stored in the Internet Archive.

To download it from Zoom, we use zoomdl:

zoomdl -u 'URL'

To upload the file:

ia upload gta_webinar_20210912 gta_webinar_20210912.mp3 --metadata="mediatype:movies" --metadata="subject:gta-webinar-2021" --metadata="title:Palestine's Beautiful Resistance: What it tells the world about building peace within - 12/9/2021""

To extract audio in mp3 format

ffmpeg -i gta_webinar_20200601.mp4 -q:a 0 -map a gta_webinar_20200601.mp3

To extract a fragment of the video:

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:00 -i webinar.mp4 -to 01:40:03 -c copy output.mp4

To copy to dropbox folder, inside the webinars folder:

rclone -P copy mp3 dropbox:gta_webinars