Internal seminars

Internal seminars


We propose to carry out a series of conversations and reflections within the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives Core Group, seeking to address cross-cutting issues of a political, theoretical and conceptual nature. These dialogues will take place once a month, each one dedicated to a particular topic and with a series of suggested readings that will further enrich these exchanges. We do not seek only the theoretical debate, but to collectively forge the identity of the collective process of the GTA while strengthening the links between us, from deepening the affection and joint reflection.


We propose a simple format:

  • Conduct one dialogue session per month, in online format and with a duration of 2 hours. These sessions will not replace the monthly Core Group meeting (used to address operational and more practical stuff) but will be held in between.
  • Each session will address a specific topic, previously agreed upon and established in a general agenda, seeking to ensure that there is an interconnection and coherence between each one.
  • Before each session and with several sessions in advance, we will share readings from different sources, suggested by the group itself.
  • We may establish a simple forum inside the page of each session to enable a better-organized discussion, being able to preserve a memory of those dialogs, enabling asynchronous exchanges and also avoiding to overflow the GTA's Core mailing list with emails threads about the debate on the Internal Seminars.

Topics and agenda

01) Autonomy, Democracy and Power

02) Pluriversal perspectives and collective knowledge creation

03) The Left and the Nation-State

04) Local Governance and Commons

05) Rights, Freedom and Autonomy

06) Ethics and Rights

07) The language of Rights and the grassroots movements

08) Power and Hegemony: thinking tools for a new narrative?

Other already suggested topics for next sessions