Minutes of the meeting, 1st Feb, 2020

Minutes of the meeting, 1st Feb, 2020

members present (Gustavo, Arturo, Sujatha, Alex, Ashish, Shrishtee, Franco, and Itzel)

A: Summary of responses from organisations and endorsers.

Shrishtee gave the below summary of responses

  1. Melaine Bush from MayFirst Movement Technology has send some African contacts and would like to stay in touch with the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives.
  2. Ariel Salleh suggested to keep a clear focus on sex-gender dimension and to bring in more feminist perspectives to the efforts in GTA process.
  3. Ted Trainer congratulated on the progress and would look into the next steps document.
  4. David Korten felt that as GTA maybe we more focussed on global south representation and should also include global north and Ashish responded to him giving many collectives that are endorsing GTA from Global North after which Mr. Korten clarified that he meant to suggest more colllaborations among the efforts trying to bring together the alternatives.
  5. Suggestions to connect to cultural hack, BALTIC eco village network. Connections already established.
  6. ECOLISE said that they arecommiteed to the GTA process.They have created an open source knowledge base on analysis, action recommendations and mapping initiatives. They think this could be a potential space that GTA and ECOLISE could work together. They are building regional and national network connections and feel that in due course that would be a more direct connections for GTA network.
  7. Defend the Sacred Alliance is interested in participating at WSFTE and also would like GTA's presece in their annual Defend the Sacred Alliance gathering in Portugal 16-21 2020.

B: Discussion on distinction between partners, endorsers and observers

  • GTA has until now not seeked collaborations from regional netwroks rather has partnered with organisations who are undertaking similar processes. Apart from Zapatistas and Kurds, endorsements until now have been from trans-national networks. Hence, a number of local and regional networks can be considered as partners who can organise GTA regional gatherings. Partners category in that sense are local regional groups.
  • Parterns are partners for particular activities but they could also be the Weavers. The team or the people who bring together regional groups or do their own weaving will be considered partners.
  • the overlap between Partners and Endorsers should not be taken too seriously. It need not be too hard and fast that Partners cant be Endorsers or visa versa.
  • Though in terms of communication, the overlapping of categories would or might lead to confusion on an understanding of these categories. So, may be some case by case consideration is required.
    - People in Observers list are people who are generally interested in GTA, write to us on emails and would like to stay updated on GTA activities. But it also contains some endorsers as well.The current list has a mix of poeple but if we want a clear list then we will have to re-make and review the list. It gets complicated if there is clean separation. Though a possible solution is that we can ask if they are okay being on both the lists?
  • Between the Partners and Endorsers. Ashish suggested that we don't make a hard and fast rule because occasionally they will be part of some activities.
  • Gustavo :all endorsers can be partners. They can collaborate on us in some of the other things.
  • We don't need then a separate list of partners. Arturo: on the website: another category on spaces of confluences that has Vikalp Sangam, Crianza Mutua and WSFTE, mentioned? Spaces of Confluences should be a separate category.

C: Updates on core team members

-Gustavo updated that Ana will join us soon and Valiana is not sure. -Ashish updated that Milind wants to opt-out for time being because of family commitments and would join in whenever he feels it is possible for him.

D: FCF Budget and other funding sources

- Franco has send the final link and the final proposal for 24,800 Euros along with all documents has the link has been sent to FCF. - Franco to make an initial proposal for other funding options suggested by Vasna. He will put in some ideas and ways to make connections among all the proposals so that it is evident that we have one common total budget and another part will be complemented by the other funding organisations. Everyone agreed to the idea. Franco is open for others to join him in this process.

E: Upcoming Meetings

a: WSFTE: Marta is on the organising team.We are not yet sure of the activities as the call is not out yet. Marta has shared some questions with the team so that some brain storming around activities can begin. The organisers are suggesting that networks and collectives apply instead of individual organisations applying. Some of the endorsing organisations will also be there, and this could possibly become a GTA global gathering since so many networks are alreday coming there. This is the end of June. -The internal WSFTE organising team is also facing some internal conflcits. -Franco and Marta are also part of the mapping commission and possibly GTA could become part of mapping networks and conflunces from hereon. Think more actively on ways of doing it in future. Our proposal anyway has it as one of the objectives.
-The list of 2020 events doesn't exist. Alex has agreed to do it. People to send such emails to him or add to the list.
b: Colombia meeting: Arturo and Gustavo mentioned that it is just an idea right now but they will discuss further on how it can happen along with Patricia. Arturo will be attending the LASA (Latin-American Conference) conference and thinks that he along with others could possibly have an informal meeting there.
- GTA will definitely be present at WSFTE and Degrowth Conference in Manchester. - There is a World Social Forum meeting in October in Mexico and possibly Alex and Gustavo will be there. It was suggested that GTA to be introduced as a space to discuss alternatives? Gustavo says that there are many groups in Mexico who are pushing for such a thought. Gustavo and Alex were not sure on how we can formally suggest on GTA space but Alex will check with the organisers and update the rest of the team. - Alex will also be in Vienna for Degrowth Conference in May.
- Vasna and Ashish to do something and some events in Malmo, Lund University, and with the Christiania community in Copenhagen in May. But nothing is finalised yet. - It was suggested that we have a Events page on GTA website. Shrishtee to discuss with Marta.

F: Other thoughts and ideas!

- Ashish:Apart from attending conferences, we should think of doing other things as well such possibly some webinars, getting some networks's people explaning about their work. It was felt that the idea is good but need quite a bit of work and someone needs to peg it. Gustavo and Franco can include this aspect when they would talking about GTA related work in their meeting. -Franco: to create autonomy in internal communication and create a collaborative platform. Especially when we will be collating some much information on alternatives, networks, we should make sure that the content is safe and we have the autonomy. Franco will work on this and will keep the group updated. Shrishtee: Shrishtee suggested that usually South Asia, or South East Asia gets excluded in planning for such gatherings and meetings on alternatives and hence suggested that possibly next year we have a GTA meeting in South Asia. We combine it with National VikalpSangam process that Kalpavriksh is coordianting. She will send a separate email on this to the team.

Next meeting: March 1st 2020, 8pm (India Pune time)