GTA's Core meeting - 1/3/2020

GTA's Core meeting - 1/3/2020

Present: Sujatha, Ashish, Gustavo, Vasna, Shrishtee, Arturo, Franco, Alex, Itzel, Brandon


  • Checking-in with everyone and welcoming new members
  • Feedback from discussions with Commons movement
  • Feedback from discussion with Transition Network's Conflict transformation Summit
  • Feedback from Mushuk Away network (Ecuador) regarding GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives's concrete mission and definitions
  • WSFTE participation
  • GTA web presence and tools
  • PeDAGoG (Global network of academics for post-development / radical alternatives) and GTA relation
  • Funding proposal status updates
  • Updates on other forums that GTA members are participating.



Nobody from Africa.

Brandon is from California, background in IT. Working in India.

Feedback from other networks on group

Feedback from discussions with Commons movement

Collaboration around the Barcelona Forum, that is just an event and part of a larger process. Invitation to GTA's member to join in the forum.

How can the Commons movement and GTA work together?

Feedback from discussion with Transition Network's Confilct transformation Summit

The Transition network is endorser of GTA. They will have an online summit about conflict transformation. Based on video interviews.

Everyone is invited to participe in interviews, if you want to participate see the document or contact Ashish.

Feedback from Mushuk Away network (Ecuador)

Comments that emerged regarding GTA's concrete mission and definitions:

  • Question about the function of GTA, their responsabilities.
  • What we consider “Alternative”?
  • Concern about academics?

Franco will lead the process of creating a common definition for “Alternative” using VS and CM inputs and previous work. Already working on that with conversation with Gustavo, see:

Core group needs to include a more representation of indigenous people.

WSFTE participation

Marta is leading the process but she wasn't in the meeting so we didn't talk about this.

GTA web presence and tools

Franco explained his findings regarding current website:Gustavo and Franco to have a discussion and share a document with proposals:

  • Infrastructure status:
    • main website issues: not in GTA server; content is outdated; Wordpress outdated;
    • already available an etherpad and a wiki for internal documentation (see: ), where FRANCO already migrated most of the contents
  • Content status:
    • main website contents are outdated; NGO look&feel; individual presence of core members? (Patricia's comment: it is not very useful for us to appear as a individual person, we tray to consolidate a collective and comunal work); website is not multilingual; copyright notice is bad
    • other notes:
    • the Process page describes a vague and outdated/freezed action plan. Projects looks inactive
    • innecesary elements in the website (like a sidebar calendar)
  • migrating all core documents (from folder to wiki) reveals inconsistences and missing files from 2019:

Other tech aspects:

  • Email account with GTA's domain. redirects to
  • Suggestion to explore: (question about whether we should host GTA web/page on the RED website for mutual benefit?)

As a general comments:

  • Franco proposed to move the a simpler single website based on wiki and put efforts on content and multilingual capabilities.
  • We agreed to study the GTA web necesities and take a common definition on this in the upcoming weeks. Franco will lead this will help of others.
  • We agreed to have a updated core group section with not such relevance, simpler descriptions and no photos :)

Global network of academics for post-development / radical alternatives

Mission: giving more opportunities to people learning about degrowth, postcolonial, alternatives, etc.

Potential name: PeDAGoG

Right now is starting to emerge in an email exchange.

How to connect with GTA? Provide some kind of support, being aware that is not the central mission of GTA.


FCF proposal status

Waiting for response after some feedback. Seems the money is coming in April.

Informal information from them to Ashish. There are perspectives to get more in the future is we show results after the first year.

Antipode proposal

Swedish Research

use the funding to have a meeting and develop a larger research project aligned to GTA plan. For 4 years. The call is open now. We need the link and details.

Paper about GTA for Manchester call

Call for Contributions - Special Issue on “Alternatives to development: What can we learn from concrete experiences? Past, present and future of the Pluriverse”. Detailed information here:

Marta wont be able to lead it. Vasna sends the abstract in the next days.

For the full paper we will work based on Ashish's text and add inputs from Vasna, Shrishtee, Franco, Patricia. We could reuse the work being done regarding Alternative definitions.

List of tasks and agreements

  • Create a common definition and clarification document for “Alternative” using VS and CM inputs and previous work. In charge: FRANCO
  • Start to build a common database/list of subscribers for the newsletter. Set the technology to send it. In charge: FRANCO
  • Advance in the develepoment of PeDAGoG and define concrete ways of support by GTA. In charge: ASHISH and BRANDON
  • Collect website conversation feedback and study the GTA web requirements to decide how to establish web presence. In charge: FRANCO
  • Funding: Provide details and start to draft the proposal for Swedish Research. In charge: VASNA
  • Funding: Finish and present the Antipode proposal. In charge: FRANCO
  • Paper for Manchester: Send the abstract and start to works on the full text. In charge: VASNA

Next meeting

To be defined!