GTA's Core meeting - 04/04/2020

GTA's Core meeting - 04/04/2020

Present: Sujatha, Ashish, Gustavo, Patricia, Shrishtee, Arturo, Franco, Itzel, Brandon

Updates on tasks and agreements that emerged on our previous meeting

  1. Create a common definition and clarification document for “Alternative” using VS and CM inputs and previous work. In charge: FRANCO
    1. Exchanges with ARTURO and GUSTAVO on this. Identigy the need of clear definitions for central concepts in the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives scope, being then able to make them public and explicit in the website . A glossary, in order to make that possible: [1] developed a glossary plugin for the website ( ) and [2] started a draft glossary ( ) as initial elaboration to move it forward in a concrete way.
  2. Start to build a common database/list of subscribers for the newsletter. Set the technology to send it. In charge: FRANCO
    1. Already done. All contacts of every category is now included in Observers's mailing list. I also included a subscription box in the website (footer and contact section), for it I developed a custom plugin available here:
  3. Advance in the develepoment of PeDAGoG and define concrete ways of support by GTA. In charge: ASHISH and BRANDON
    1. The GTA is already providing infrastructure to PeDAGoG. See:
  4. Advance on GTA website improvements. In charge: FRANCO
    1. Finished the migration of all contents of old site to the wiki. Now all the public and core internal documents are presented and organize in a single and autonomous/self-managed information infrastructure. It already serves as a common workspace.
    2. Because of a technical failure of old website we already established the wiki as main website ( ). Working now in translations (already most sections are in Spanish) and design improvements. For this last one: [1] created a custom theme for GTA (code is here: ) and also started to create illustrations and include them in the website (see for example: )
  5. Funding: Provide details and start to draft the proposal for Swedish Research. In charge: VASNA
    1. FRANCO sketched the first draft here Application is in halt because we couldn't yet cover the formal requirements. VASNA and ASHISH are working on that.
  6. Funding: Finish and present the Antipode proposal. In charge: FRANCO
    1. Already finished the proposal, available here: The submission was closed 2 weeks ago because of COVID-19 and won't be able to submit it.
  7. Paper for Manchester: Send the abstract and start to works on the full text. In charge: VASNA
    1. Organized a phone call and defined the full article structure. Assigned coordinators for each section. First full draft would be done by July 1st. Still need to present Extended Abstract (April 17th). More details:


Core group members

  • Updates on the core group's members
  • The core mailing list only contains the current members (listed in the public page already)
  • Ashish will mail the african members to try to re-activate their participation

Glossary for GTA

Franco wrote a intial draft to engage the process of defining a “glossary” that clarifies the main concepts in the GTA context, available here:

Exchange about this:

  • ASHISH: try to define a limit for the wording and the format
  • GUSTAVO: We need clear definitions. The initial draft is valuable in that sense.
  • ARTURO: thinks is valuable, but the initial draft is not a “glossary”. “Operational definitions” seems to be a better term.
  • PATRICIA: how to connect this with Pluriverse dictionary contents. Maybe introduce the concept of “sub-alternatives”, conneted with “sub-alterno” (in spanish). This is needed because there are plenty of corporate use of “Alternative”, so we should try to give visibility to “sub-alterns” (connected with the marginalized, subterrain). The sub-alterne are the “nativities” (connected with ancestral, indiginuous, afro)
  • ARTURO: Proposal create a workgroup to move this task forward, based in the existing draft and take account inputs (like Patricia just did). Members of this group: SHRISHTEE, ASHISH, ARTURO, GUSTAVO, PATRICIA, FRANCO. First outcomes: 2 weeks draft. Both english and spanish.

GTA's budget use

  • We already have some initial budget to cover the work for 2020-2022, so we talked about dedications and work distribution
  • It's needed to define tasks according to an updated roadmap
  • GUSTAVO suggested previously to cover the work of Franco, Shrishtee and Vasna.
  • VASNA would contact Marta to see if she would be interested in resume her participation.

Exchange about this:

  • ASHISH: suggest to add a fith line in the roadmaps's line of action of actions related of “solidarity”.
  • GUSTAVO: agree with the idea presented by Ashish

Other action points:

  • ASHISH: in that line of actions, in the contxt of COVID-19, take an action to connect statements and organizations GTA can facilitate discussion and joint visioning on pathways out of th COVID crisis, including possibilities of loca self reliance, autonomy, seld-determination etc … which could help with some global visioning with our endorsers/partners. Gustavo will make an initial draft for this
  • GUSTAVO: it is critical very important that GTA takes a position on COVID-19. We need to discuss it further, maybe in the already created group. I will write something to move this conversation forward in 3 o 4 days.


  • Full Circle: Approbed: 12.400 EUR for 2 years
  • Wenner grant foundation:
  • Swidish Link research:
    • we need a PhD from India or other “low income country”. ASHISH already contacted a fellow that can contribute.
    • The main issue is to the lack of time to finish the proposal.
  • The Heinrich Boll Foundation India expressed interest in GTA
  • It is needed to keep seeking for funding to get more resources to cover the work beeing done and do more stuff. FRANCO will study the already identified sources of funding to generate new proposasls.



  • Contact the african members to try to re-activate their participation in the Core - In charge: ASHISH
  • Create a workgroup to work on the document of “definitons”. First draft in 2 weeks, both english and spanish and more advanced text for discussion in next core meeting. Members of this group: SHRISHTEE, ASHISH, ARTURO, GUSTAVO, PATRICIA, FRANCO.
  • Update roadmap and precise tasks that derives from it. Distribute work among coordinators. In charge: FRANCO
  • Write, in 3 o 4, days something to move the conversation about COVID-19 & GTA forward. In charge: GUSTAVO
  • Study the already identified sources of funding to generate new proposals. - In charge: FRANCO
  • Advance in the proposal for Wenner Foundation - In charge: FRANCO and ARTURO
  • Work on a visual identity manual for GTA (logo, colors, typgraphies, etc.) and update website with the agreed new sections - In charge: FRANCO
  • Finish the webinars initial structure and run the first session - In charge: SHRISHTEE
  • Conceptualize the newsletter, define contents and technical aspects and send the first newsletter during April - In charge: SHRISHTEE and FRANCO
  • Paper for Manchester: Send the extended abstract. In charge: VASNA

Next meeting

Saturday May 2nd - same time:

  • India: 8.30pm
  • Mexico df: 9.00am
  • Colombia: 10.00am
  • Argentina: 12.00pm
  • CET: 4.00pm