GTA's Core meeting - 02/05/2020

GTA's Core meeting - 02/05/2020

Present: Patricia, Shrishtee, Ashish, Marta, Gustavo, Itzel, Arturo, Alex, Franco,

Updates on tasks


1. Check in

Marta is back! :)

2. Updates and progress from last meeting

We did a quick overview on the progress made during past month.

3. Definitions of concepts and general agreement in order to make them public and next steps

  • maybe improve the language to make it simpler
  • “dominant system” needs a specific definition
  • Next step: take 3 o 4 days extra days to work in this, get more comments

We agreed:

  • create a working group for the statement writing using what Gustavo already wrote as a starting point, including comments from all. ASHISH will draft the 2nd version and share with all.

Also specific actions what will do:

5. GTA as endorser: how we endorse? what is the criteria? Case: People strike

  • Define some clear rules of what the Core can do in name of the GTA.
  • Have in mind that the Core is a transitional device that should dissapear.
  • Agreed to start a common document to clarify and define this rules. Do this is executive way to achieve something soon, since GTA is already taking “political actions” decidec by the Core.
  • Next step: start the document

6. GTA's webinar in relation with Global Voices. Alliance? Merge?

  • Agreed on explore collaboration with them.
  • We could promote Global Voices in our channels and ask them to do the same.
  • We will still run our own webinars and, maybe, explore other topics and formats.

7. Core members from Africa

  • seek for new members from Africa
  • this is not the first time that we got members that aren't being active and then just dissapear, why they are not getting commitment? not inclusive?
  • Maybeimprove in-boarding, welcoming and following the inclusion process
  • Next step: ARTURO will contact COUMBA

8. Founder members of core team

  • PATRICIA expressed her conecrn about “founder members” not being recognized and some bad feelings on that. Need of caring people that had active participation in the process.
  • We discussed the possibility of creating a mention in the Core Members section.
  • Also some expressed about the Core team names are not so important and the objective of the core is dissappear in the future.

Next steps: ARTURO, GUSTAVO and PATRICIA may cotinue the conversation for more clarification about this.

Next steps: We shall continue the conversation on the proposal of creating a “category” for persons that were active in the Core.

9. Next meeting

We scheduled for Sunday 31st May.