GTA's Core meeting - 31/05/2020

GTA's Core meeting - 31/05/2020

Present: Patricia, Shrishtee, Ashish, Injauru, Gustavo, Itzel, Arturo, Alex, Franco,


  • Welcome Injairu

  • Update about operational definitions
    • Spanish translation
    • Include “sub-alternatives”
    • “Dominant System” definition

  • Update about synergy with Global Dialogue for Systemic Change -
  • Action with GD and others in the context of WSFTE
  • Webinar update and core group participation and moderating

  • Incorporation of Ana Cecilia Dinerstein - YES!
  • Other incorporations: missing from Asia, more active African

  • Conversation about COVID-19 statement
  • its a good idea to make this statement? is relevant?
  • on behalf of who? GTA? Core team?
  • Suggestions:
    • not to make an statement but an open document with questions
    • Provisional reflections from the GTA core team on the COVID and related crises?
    • Agreement: Have a call on this (including more core members) to focus on this. Saturday 6 at 8pm (India)

  • Debate about Progressive International ( and similar relation
  • Very different structure, maybe some connections, but seems a better idea to use our time to connect with other more related networks
  • Wait and see what they actually do, then see if we want to expend energies in approaching them
  • Maybe start from some connections from India and ask what they think

Next meeting: Saturday 6 at 8pm (India) - mainly to talk about GTA and COVID-19