Core meeting - 11th June 2020

Core meeting - 11th June 2020

Participants: Gustavo, Franco, Vasna, Injairu, Ashish, Shrishtee, and Enric

Conversation resume

Gustavo: Before we discuss the statement we need to discuss who represents this document? We cannot assume the system of representation in the tapestry or assume that GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives endorsers know the system of representation or will be okay with proposed ideas. This needs a discussion within the core team and then with the endorsers. The second question is: what is the purpose of this document? Is there an additional or added value to such a statement as there are many such documents already out there.

Ashish: Make it a discussion note: pathways out of the crises! Three ideas:

  1. Publish it in our website- comment online (need to be tracked)
  2. Send it out as a note (ask people to comment on the ideas with their perspective)- on the endorsers lists and others.
  3. Organising a conference including endorsing organisations on open/free flowing conversation on this. Linking it to possibly World Social Forum on Transformative Economies. Macro-economic and political economy aspect.

Franco: purpose: I like the 3rd point. More interesting to think about how we can involve and have discussions with the endorsers. Collecting the voices of other people, try to articulating more general impressions of what’s emerging among networks and basing it on previous statements by networks. This would serve the purpose of weaving. Invite endorsers to do something together.

Gustavo: proposals on beyond Floyd. Mood of the people has changed. There are proposals for statements. And things are happening everywhere. The council of Minneapolis took a decision that the police is only security. One important city in America could do this was unimaginable a few months ago. We need to react to this situation. To create a process that can result in many different things. WSFTE can they radicalise discussions enough? But there are many things happening. And we need to participate in such processes.

Vasna: parts of the text we might need to use to our upcoming newsletter. Use the document to start the conversation. It could be a thought piece from a few us!

Ashish: A series of examples from the endorsing organisations to present in open webinars and discussion on pathways. Update our thinking on issues. And we try to pin down on common threads running through the statements across the endorsing organisations.

Shrishtee: I still feel that this statement does reflect our collective thinking on the current issues and we should probably mention it on GTA newsletter with a clear note that it is an evolving document and we are going to organise a series of dialogue around this.

Franco: Shrishtee’s point is fine but the statement needs to be co-owned by more people in the endorsing groups and organisations. We shouldn’t make it public now. Initiate a collaborative process. Writing together and doing together would be better. We should wait until mid-July

Vasna: a living document that is constantly evolving. We need to address the protests that are happening in the world. We need a one more bullet point on that.


  1. Not put the text as GTA statement
  2. Look at the statement as a daft discussion note
  3. Start requesting for statements by the endorsing organisations and circulate this one as a living/evolving document for comments.
  4. Begin the process of building virtual forum discussion on this statement
  5. Find common threads among statements.

Next meeting

July 4th - To be confirmed