Core meeting - 22th June 2020

Core meeting - 22th June 2020

Participants: Gustavo, Franco, Vasna, Ashish, Shrishtee, Marta


Upcoming WSFTE virtual forum:

Full programme:

1) Opening ceremony on June 25th (time TBC) [ASHISH]

2) Webinar with Dilar on June 26th at 2:30pm (CET)Shrishtee to moderate

3) Activity with the Commons Network on June 27th time 3 to 6:pm CET [ VASNA ] to participate throughout - How the Commons movements can connect with the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives and how to work towards October and beyond and creating a platform for weaving

4) Activity with Global Dialogues for Systemic Change on June 28th at 4:00pm (CET) (still haven't heard back from them) [MARTA + ASHISH + SHRISHTEE] - Meeting with GD on Tuestay (tomorrow) 3:00 pm CET [MARTA + ASHISH + SHRISHTEE + FRANCO+ Vasna] - discussion about the webinar, about the WSFTE and about the WSF in general

Notes from the call with GDSC (23/05/2020)

  • solidarity movements that have emerged during the crisi
  • we could present these movements and have people requested to speak
  • what are the tools

1. Beggining to present the history of GTA and GDSCE - people are tired to listening to analysis + glossing of the prblems - say that we want a presentation of concrete actions

  1. Concrete examples of solidarity actions - ask 2-3-4 people to share (2-3min talks) - focus on the side of solidarity
  2. Looking at what has been done in practices + initiaitves w'ere part of and what kind of ideas we can implement and discuss for the future
  3. Opening it to the floor: - somebody can come up with two or three questions (Marta)

Some considerations

We need a script about how we will move forward.

Which implies questions about “what about the WSF”

5) Concluding session: an interactive/participatory activity to present the GTA, its challenges, opportunities and next steps + reflection on WSFTE and how to move forward on June 29th at 4:00pm (CET)[MARTA + VASNA + ….. ] - invite endorsers (sending out emails) - have a look at the program - phase 3 of the WSFTE = consolidation of confluences/convergence of alternatives - a focus on action (exchanging stories, telling stories, international solidarity on actions) - This ties with our webinar series and draw from the experiences of people who GTA invited in the webinar series


WSF process

Meeting is on June 27th, 2 pm UTC (4:00pm CET) [ASHISH + MARTA + FRANCO + PATRICIA]

Online dialogue on June 27 to discuss the future directions of the WSF at this juncture in world history and to discuss the directio of the WSF in its 20th year (2021).

  • Ask GDSC if they will be present at the WSF in Mexico
  • What can we organize together if they're open to that (but not commit to anything specific


This seems to be connected with the planned reports about COVID-19 AlternativesAre activities and initiatives, concepts, worldviews, or action proposals by collectives, groups, organizations, communities, or social movements challenging and replacing the dominant system that perpetuates inequality, exploitation, and unsustainabiity. In the GTA we focus primarily on what we call "radical or transformative alternatives", which we define as initiatives that are attempting to break with the dominant system and take paths towards direct and radical forms of political and economic democracy, localised self-reliance, social justice and equity, cultural and knowledge diversity, and ecological resilience. Their locus is neither the State nor the capitalist economy. They are advancing in the process of dismantling most forms of hierarchies, assuming the principles of sufficiency, autonomy, non-violence, justice and equality, solidarity, and the caring of life and the Earth. They do this in an integral way, not limited to a single aspect of life. Although such initiatives may have some kind of link with capitalist markets and the State, they prioritize their autonomy to avoid significant dependency on them and tend to reduce, as much as possible, any relationship with them. solutions: We could prepare a proposal to fund that action.