Core meeting - 4th July 2020

Core meeting - 4th July 2020

Participants: Vasna, Arturo, Gustavo, John, Ana, Patricia, Itzel, Franco


Welcome new member

We recieved John Holloway as new member.

Outcomes and reflections from WSFTE

  • Extended presence of GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives and new connections arised
  • GTA+GDSC session was very good. Emerged the idea to create/organize some concrete global expression (i.e. Friday for Future). More collaboration and coordination, initialy for webinars
  • WSF: How to sinergize with other networks and processes (GDSC, WSF). From GTA we provided concrete proposals (interconecction, mapping and documentation)

Updates on webinars and newsletter

  • Webinars:
    • Recent webinars already available in public site
    • More coordination with GDSC in the next events.
    • Next webinar on 15th July with May First Strike movement
  • Newsletter
    • will be ready in one or two weeks.
    • Spanish translation should be available.
    • with improved tech infrastructure we could provide better service and muliple languages for subsribers, also personalized e-mail

Projects and tasks under developement

    • Source: Book from Marina Sitrin (John can send the PDF)
    • Gustavo will share already existing stories in Spanish
    • More collaboration needed to move it forward.
    • Options for funding worktime on this.
  • Concrete outcomes for weavers
    • Mapping tool: already moving forward, but specific resources to make it possible.
    • Crianza Mutua is starting to use a prototype.
  • Journal article on CM and VK for Pluriverse Special Issue in Development & Change journal
    • we will have a specific meeting to move this forward.
    • draft to circulate in the core and among Weavers.
    • devoted some time to exchange about the issue of “academic extractivism”, how to have the real actors involved and the political meaning of participating in academic journal publications.
    • Pedagog seems to be related with this. There is an open call on this on next 8th July


Use of Facebook/Youtube for webinars

  • We agreed to use other organizations channels to dissenate webinars and other actions, but not to have accounts or channels for GTA. We will talk with GDSC for collaboration also on this.

Approved new endorsers

Next meeting

  • Gustavo expressed his concerns about the need to focus more on connecting with other Weavers and networks that already connect local/grassroots initiatives. He will like to discuss on this in next general core meeting and will prepare a short note to introduce the conversation.
  • Next meeting date: TO BE DEFINED.