Core meeting - 5th September 2020

Core meeting - 5th September 2020



General recap

We devoted some time to each of us share how is doing and feeling, ongoing projects and more.

Funds, projects and roles

Here is the proposal we prepared:

We shared the details and there were a general consensus on the funds distribution. Also open up to anyone to jump in and participate in the different workforces to carry each project forward.

World social forum meeting

ASISH, FRANCO and SHRISHTEE participated in a meeting on the WSF and its future. The WSF there are two sides: open forum vs collective actions oriented platform.

The International Council of WSF invited the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives to participate as an important actor and WSF wants to be connected to the process. 12 September will be next call, for IC and other organizations (not so open call).

On 26th there would be an open call.

Ana Cecilia will participateon the call of 12th September and thinks that would be good to arrive with some common agreements around GTA.

Patricia: take the vision of the people in the land, avoid the traditional institutions (academy) and NGOs approach.

Ashish: can the GTA take position? this is an unresolved issue. We could say something as “GTA core”, but is not clear what that means. We should move forward a conversation on this. There are many platforms to promote complaints or social demands, but the focus of GTA has been from its conception to make visible the alternatives that are open to those dominant powers.

Exchange between Weavers

We discussed the public online session to put Crianza Mutua Colombia, Crianza Mutua México, Vikalp Sangam and other networks into conversation. It would take place in October or November. In a preliminary way, it was suggested a previous conversation (in the next weeks) between the proesos of Latin America, and dedicate part of our next general meeting to plan this public session.

Next meeting

Saturday 3, october, same time