Core meeting - 3th October 2020

Core meeting - 3th October 2020



General recap

We did a brief update of each one status and feeling during the past weeks.

We welcome back AMY, connected from Hong Kong in a very difficult situation.

Core members status: John? Injairu?

About Injairu:

  • SHRISHTEE have been in conversation with her
  • seems that cannot follow the ammount of activity of the Core. From that Shishtee, we should re-think how people can participate in the core.

About John:

  • according to Gustavo he doesnt want to be involved in action projects, focused in theorical/intellectual discussions. He didn't find that in the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives meetings he attended.
  • He clearly expressed he doesn't want to participate.
  • Take out John from the list. DONE!


  • Maybe organize working teams and split the communication.
  • Use the core mailing list only for announcements, not debate or conversation.

Recent actions Updates

WSF presence

They are trying to do the next meeting in Mexico in January, probably wont happen. Probably will be online. They have been connecting wit other movements and organizations.

The 2 main aspects:

  1. tension between open forum model vs. action platform
  2. how the WSF link up with other organizations, how they integrate and work together with IC

What is the GTA place on all of this? We have strong position and clearly visibility. GTA is listed as one of the main actors to re-launch the WSF.

Peoples' assembly

Interaction with Tord Bjork re. peoples' assembly/WSF, and upcoming with Global Green New Deal process …

Tord its very excited and have been promoting GTA and highlighting our role in the WSF context. Some of his comments on a public writing after the last meeting (where Ashish, Ana and Franco participated):

GTA has furthermore other specific strengths. One is that it addresses environmental and social issues as equally important thus bridging the gap between movements mainly addressing either of these issues. A second is that GTA has a clear strategy going beyond local issues claiming the need to connect to movements mainly involved in resistance finding ways to strengthen each other. A maybe third strength is that GTA is rather practical than ideological avoiding some of the pitfalls of splitting up according to ideological differences or long listing of intersectionality ideologies. In the other end of movements needed to address the present global crisis, the mainstream peace movements are also strongly present in the renewal of WSF through the two closely related 128-year-old International Peace Bureau (IPB) and the No to NATO movement. Their participation is built on a clear understanding of the need to address such issues that brings trade unions, environmental movements, and welfare movements together. The weakness of GTA is balanced by the strength of IPB.

Green New Deal

Started a dialogue with The Leap ( the Naomi Klein project. Ashish and Ana will participate in an online webinar.

Seems to have recognized the limitations of the mainstream politicians version of “the green new deal”.

We talked also about he “Progressive International”. They should be challenged and debated, because of the level of exposition.

Since there are many “global” networks and actors, maybe from GTA we could organize a public dialogue/debate.

Exchange between Weavers

The Latin American crew have a conversation to start the process of a regional dialogue. From that meeting emerged the clear need to start to promote more weaving between Colombia and Mexico, as a first step. Patricia already identify some initial actions, the conversation is ongoing.

Gustavo also highlighted the inclusion of other networks and potential weavers from Ecuador and Peru.

From GTA we will start to give visibility to Crianza Mutua Colombia, not only Mexico. The upcomung newsletter will include an introduction and then we will create the web section.





We already allocated the current funds for the next upcoming months. We will fund content/case production, webinars postproduction; mapping project development and infrastructure. The detail is here:

The Swift foundation could provide us “institutional funding” for the upcomig years. Around 40K - 60K per year. Build a relation based on trust. For that, we need to present a document with next year plan. Here is the draft:

We will have a conversation with Alejandro, in the next week.

Next meeting

November 7th at 2.00 pm GMT