Core meeting - 7th November 2020

Core meeting - 7th November 2020


Group recap

We did a brief introduction with a round of recaps.

Current actions under development

  • We presented a 3 year funding proposal to Swift Foundation, waiting response.
  • Started the development process of GTAMap - Collaborative Mapping Platform, see details here.
  • A group of students coordinated by Vasna started several collaborations: webinars post-production and database of Endorsers to be imported in GTAMap.

Next year planning

World Social Forum

Inter-networks dialogue

Promote a dialogue between global networks of “convergences” like:

  • WSF
  • Green New Deal
  • GTA
  • Progressive International
  • Citizen Assemblies
  • Global Dialogue of Systemic Change

Can we organize a dialogue between them?

We could do a first dialogue in the context of the WSF Virtual in January. We should start the conversations to be able to co-organize it.

Some of other ideas mentioned:

  • Improving of the outcomes of the webinar series 2020
  • Collaboration with Lund University students, working
  • Revisit the article comparing the VS and CM
  • CM Colombia is doing Audiobooks, maybe connect that documentation of cases

To do stuff

  • Crianza Mutua Colombia and Crianza Mutua Mexico will have an exchange on December 19
  • Run an internal seminar at the last week of November to re-visit definitions on Alternatives and identify missing concepts.
  • Explore China cases for the covid reports
  • Add Crianza Mutua Colombia to the website
  • Advance in the project lead by Ana Cecilia to develop create “visual stories mapping”, to be presented in the upcoming weeks.

Next meeting

December 5th - GMT 3.00 pm