Core meeting - 5th December 2020

Core meeting - 5th December 2020


Welcome new members!

We welcomed Simon Mitambo, round of introductions.

Christine Dann also is now part of the team, but we will need to consider other time for the upcming meeting to allow her to participate because she is located in New Zeland.

Recent updates

Dialogue between global networks co-organized by GTA and others

  • Took place on 28th November.
  • Very good response, a lot of participation .
  • We have a recording of the session and documentation about the participants (we prepared a survey)
  • Interest in doing something together, beyond dialogue.
  • Focus on “recovery processes” beyond COVID.
  • Interest in do a another meeting.

Participation in WSF

  • Some background:
  • We could organize some session based in the inter-networks dialogues
  • Also commented the recent exchange with Boaventura is a good reading to understand the WSF debates in a more general perspective in the global crisis context. Gustavo will provide a translated version of those letters.


  • Response from Swift, our proposal was approved. We got 40.000 US/year for 2021 to 2023
  • Project about “visual mappings” coordinated by Ana Cecilia is moving forward, will be presented in January. It would be a long project that would complement many aspects of the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives's roadmap.

Projects updates

  • Newsletter
    • Getting great contributions, will be ready in the upcoming week.
    • Shrishtee suggest that taybe we could get some payed translations to Spanish
  • Stories
    • Vasna's students already collected the cases information
    • will have draft version of the reports for the end of the year
    • Simon and Gustavo offered materials for the collections, from Africa and Mexico
  • Mapping platform
    • Development is advanced, we are ready to deploy an alpha version
    • Need to hire a custom server infrastructure for GTA, need to do so during December

Next steps

  • Crianza Mutua gathering → 19/12
  • Internal “seminar” proposed by Ana Cecilia? We didn't discuss this.

End of 2020, visions for 2021

  • We closed the session with a round of balance, evaluation, feelings, desires for next year

Gustavo: Amazing work to position GTA at the global level, but not yet in the grassroots, we can do that with the resources we secured for the next years.I would try to send a specific proposal to the GTA core about how to circulate materials on the grassroots, based on the experience we did in Unitierra. This proposal would try to cover the objetive of “weaving the weavers”.

Ashish: Agree with Gustavo, need to balance the global and local in 2021. We have created a good position, in the WSF for example. We should continue that process, feed the global and weave the grassroots. We need to link them up.

Arturo: This group achieved many stuff this year. Have been great to be part of this. Its an honour.

Ana: I want to thank you all, I feel very comfortable working with this group. There s care and friendship. I have been thinking about The Art of Organizing Hope (TAOH) Europe, maybe it's something that I could develop to create a weaver in Europe to contribute to Gustavo's proposal about teh need to contine weaving at teh grassroots. I wil contact all the TAOH Ghent participants to revitalised the network + others in Rotterdam, Bristol, etc. If you want to see THOH Ghent, Nov 2018: I also think the WSF could be a space for the GTA to get involve at the concept level, since now it looks a bit out-dated.

Shrishtee: I am looking to continue to collaborate activelly. Also, for next year try to motivate the participation of youngs and women.

Amy: Thank your for your great work this year. I will like to collaborate in the stories reports provicing cases.

Simon: Want to appreciate the discussion. I am still landing, very excited to be part of this group. Its really inspiring. Will try to collaborate in waaving.

Patricia: Congratulations for the great work and the new funds. Would like that next year we can go deeper to the roots procceses and the sub/alternatives taking place in the land.

Alex: Thanks for the great work, would like to be more active again next year, starting by be able to participate in this calls (limited by tech issues)

Franco: Would like to celebrate the informality of this group, avoiding to build some kind of structured organization. My desire would be to meet in person during next year, feed the spirit of friendship and free creativity that it's among us.

Next meeting

Friday 8th January. Time to be defined to try to allow participation from Christine.