Core meeting - Feb 6th 2021

Core meeting - Feb 6th 2021


1. Summarize and recap

Present: Amy, Gustavo, Marta, Ana, Franco, Shrishtee, Itzel

2. Updates from last month

WSF quick evaluation?

  • ANA: Very good experience, bit exhausting. Very good activities from GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives, specially the global processes dialog.
  • STEE: participated in not many sessions, but very interesting. The global processess sessions: first one not many persons, but very good energy. Enought interest from the 8 processes. What follow-up actions we can see emerging from all the sessions. we can take up in our internal meetings.
  • ASHISH: GTA got much more firmly stand and position, good appreaciation of our role. Consolidate this alliance of global processes. Weakness: wasn't enought engage with endorsers, not targeted messages to them related with WSF. Build inhouse capacity for translations, in order to reach other regions.
  • GUSTAVO: we should write down a kind of plan saying “what to do?”. More connection with endorsers, more weaving with new networks. We could have that for next meeting.
    • 1) a common diagnostic in relation with the global crisis. This could be then used for the discussion/relation with global change processes.
    • 2) Agenda of next events
    • 3) Capacity to influence the course of the WSF, if we consider it as a valid platform to continue building.
  • MARTA: its very important to influence in WSF, its a great opportunity. GTA sessions was very good. Maybe we tried to do more that our could do, so we should be critical about our own capacities. For next similar actions, like the WSF 2022, we should try to plan ahead.
  • ANA: Confusion among the difference among the group “Towards a New WSF”. We are working in that too, in an horizontal way. I am personally interested in producing more content. “Grassroots” its a very important concept. We can create a document after WSF, do more than just a massive one-year event.
  • ASHISH: about the session on Community Resilence we didn't run. We should have done it as GTA, not relly so much in the other global processes.
  • STEE: the GTA was the main force behind the Democracy and Power one. We need to be more frank about our capacities in being able to contribute to a particular session.

2021's planning and budget:

  • Core team active members face to face gathering in 2021?
    • The Hague, Degrowth Conference?
      • ANA: not clear if that conference is in place or online.
      • We will review this in some months, to see if it's feasible in terms of costs.
  • Pool resource to support new weavers?
    • GUSTAVO: some of the potential waevers are having problems with funding. Potential new weaver in USA, as example, to help them out to start a weaving.
    • ASHISH: lets reserve that ammount. We need to develop this idea in more detail: what we would expect the weaver to do, how they will report back on outcomes, etc.
      • GUSTAVO: I will send a note as an starting discussion about this.

Extra funding:

  • EDGE Founders update from Gustavo
    • GUSTAVO: talk with Sofia. They dont have funds, they are a network of “progressive funders”. They give us two options: 1) organize a call/event to present the GTA with potentital funders. 2) directly connect us with funders. We would have another calls with Sofia next week to give more advance on this.
    • MARTA: 2 years ago I attended to the EDGE event in Rio, so we are well connected with them.

Other updates:

COVID resilience document:

3. Core Team membership status

Review the current members, current level of activity, gender balance and geographical distribution. Also talk about potential new members (Nisha Naidoo). Current members:

  1. Alex Jensen (North America)
  2. Amy Lee (Asia)
  3. Ana Cecilia Dinerstein (Latin America / Europe)
  4. Arturo Escobar (Latin America / North America)
  5. Ashish Kothari (South Asia)
  6. Brandon Liu (North America) - ASHISH will contact
  7. Coumba Toure (Africa) - Not responding
  8. Christine Dann (Oceania)
  9. Enric Duran (Europe) - ASHISH will contact
  10. Fatma Alloo (Africa) - Move to Endorser?
  11. Franco Augusto (Latin America)
  12. Gustavo Esteva (Latin America)
  13. Injairu Kulundu (Africa) - STEE will contact
  14. Itzel Farías (Latin America) - Cannot continue participating. Suggestion: Alejandra Gimenez (from Mexico)
  15. Marta Music (Europe)
  16. Patricia Botero (Latin America)
  17. Simon Mitambo (Africa) - Send reminder
  18. Shrishtee Bajpai ( South Asia)
  19. Vasna Ramasar (Africa / Europe)
  20. New person of Kalparish? To be defined

Call Meeting with Nisha in the upcoming days, before she joins the core team.

GUSTAVO: we may need to split the core group:

  • 1) the one doing the facilitation and operational tasks.
  • 2) The other are more on connections with certain regions and networks.
  • 3) Other persons for intellectual discussions, important for Internal Seminars

4. Internal Seminar

We need to define topic and date for the fist session:

  • Proposeded topic: Autonomy/democracy/power
  • Proposed date: 20 Feb - 2.30 UTC

Next: share materials and create list of previous reading materials

WSF's Power and democracy session outcomes are a valuable resource- Shrishtee will be working on it

5. Other ongoing conversations

6. Next Core meeting:

March 6th - 3 UTC

Meeting with Christine, a reduced group. We need to define the date and time with her.