GTA's Core meeting - April 10th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - April 10th 2021


1. Check in!

We welcomed Alejandra, round of introductions.


2. New endorsers and follow up stretegies with endorsers

2.1 New endorsers?

  • The Allliance for Indigenous Economies - proposed
  • International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples - confirmed

TO be invited:

  • Cultural Survival - ask Nisha
  • TierraActiva - Peru - check the person suggested (Franco)
  • MINGAnet - Colombia - respond to contact from them (Franco)

New Proposals:

  • COMPAS Africa (suggested by Simon)
  • Africa Earth Jurisprudence Collective (suggested by Simon)

2.2 GTA Advisory Assembly idea

An idea to engage to the endorsers in a more systemathic way. It's a valuable resource. We could try to create some kind of “advisory group” formed by representatives of Endorsers. A more direct way to get their contributions for the different projects of GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives.

  • Two levels of engagement: updates in 3-4 months, periodic interactions
  • Assembly of network/s
  • Should also include weavers
  • possibly an annual meeting at some point
  • it is not just us reaching out to them but also they collaborating with us and reaching out to other networks
  • would we publish their name in our website?

Next steps: draft a letter along with the mapping request letter.

2.3 Mapping of endorsers and criteria for specific cases

Talk about general criteria for first datasets: endorsers, case of studies. Avoid mapping isolated alternatives, always part of “collections”

3. Updates from weavers

3.1 An OtherEurope:

this incipient idea is about weaving alternatives in, against and beyond “Europe” with focus on decolonial/decolonising Europe.E urope has many meanings: continent, culture, regional economic power, colonial imperialist power. Despite there are many Europes within what we know as Europe (core, periphery, and an external Europe, south Europe, eastern Europe, deep Europe within Europe) all of them rely on a neo-liberal economic ideology and powers. The rationale behind the idea of weaving an europaotra is based on our understanding of the limitation/exhaustion of post-Covid reformist solutions amidst global crisis of civilisation, and the belief that another Europe, a Europe of experience, culture, history of resistance and struggle against colonialism and imperial powers, daily creativity and imagination, a radical Europe, is awaiting to be discovered and, above all, interwoven into a fabric that can contribute to a global tapestry of alternatives. This other Europe exists in the shadow of a regional economic force, a geographical space, a dominating colonial power. We propose to re signify Europe, to visibilise and connect a migrant, diverse, non-statist, pluriversal, autonomous, prefigurative, democratic, feminist and decolonial europa. We aim to weave and interwin what appears as nomadic and eclectic communities that inhabit these territories in a subyacent, decolonial and latent form of “lo europeo” . Inspiration form TAOH Sumitt Nov 2018 (ACD) and Zapatista tour in Europe (recent/at present)

ACD, Franco and Marta.

GUSTAVO: the tour is on hold because of COVID-19. One person from GTA could participate in the tour.

MARTA: I am! I'm in the gender commission at the European level and the Spanish level - I might get included in the “general coordination” commission next week. So I can keep you posted 😃)

VASNA: articulate also in the context of Degrowth conference

ALEJANDRA: connect with the collectives in Europe that support EZLN

4. Upcoming events

5. General updates

5.0 Webinars series and the need of more active collaboration for certain tasks

Talked about the need of more support for the webinars pre-production and some other concrete tasks.

5.1 EDGE webinar updates

Details here:

Confirmed speakers from GTA: Vasna, Marta, Alejandra, Arturo, Ashish

This will be a public session, hosted by EDGE.

5.2 Pedagog reactivation

Brief update from UPAMANYU taking care of re-activating the group. Plans for some kind of event.

5.3 Newsletter #4 is coming!

Next newsletter will appear during April, work in progress.

5.2 Global processes update

New gathering, resume from VASNA and trying to focus on concrete ways of collaboration.

6. Next internal seminar session

  • Topic: to discuss the problem of/with the Left and the 'nation' state. Engage with current debates among global activists.
  • Date and time: April 24 - 3 pm GMT
  • Next step: ANA will facilitate this one. More updates coming soon.

7. Next core meeting

Date: May 8th - 3 pm GMT