GTA's Core meeting - May 8th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - May 8th 2021

1. Check in!


Informal exchange about the covid crisis in different contexts.

2. New endorsers and workflow

New endorsers

  • MINGAnet - Colombia


  • COMPAS Africa (contacted by Simon, waiting response)
    • Nisha: Check this in detail, seems to be not suitable as Endorser
  • Africa Earth Jurisprudence Collective (suggested by Simon, waiting response)
    • Nisha: Check this in detail, seems to be not suitable as Endorser
  • Status?:
    • Cultural Survival - asked Nisha, need a direct contact?
      • Ashish will try to get one
    • TierraActiva - Peru - FRANCO: (Waiting response)
    • US Food Sovereignty Alliance -
      • ALEX will contact
  • Re-connect:
    • La Via Campesina
    • ATTAC? Need to check

Endorsements process

Christine's proposal was approved, includin AK suggestion.

3. Update on global dialogue process

The dialogue of seven global processes are moving forward. At the last meeting some decisions were made to proceed in three areas: 1) Thematic collaboration in the areas of ecological and climate crisis; peace and disarmament; vaccines and democracy uprisings. 2) A communications platform for the joint work of the seven processes. 3) An internal process for the Dialogue. Franco, Ashish and Vasna are part of the smaller coordination group to take these processes forward. Shristhee is already working in a thematic working group on democracy.

4. GTA Assembly

Confirmed members?: 15 groups want to join and be part of mapping process. Follow up, how to take forwrad? Try not to loose momentum!

Define methodology and details:

  • Not an Advisory
  • The members will be public in our website
  • A more detailed proposal will be made once we got the members

We will arrange a meeting about the mapping aspects between GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives members

5. Book project

One option would be Bristol University Press but we should first explore more independent publishing networks that have open access.

Important to understand who has exclusive rights to the material and copyright. Vasna will follow up with Lara and Torsten, the book series editors.

The idea of a book is however something that we may want to continue to explore within the GTA core group. A smaller group will explore this and put an idea to the whole core group - Vasna, Ana and Alejandra, Arturo?

6. Internal seminar - review of the process

After 3 seminars, it is good to review the process:

  • Invite other people (criteria for participation)?
  • What is the dynamic we want to see at the internal seminar?

Franco: Amount of reading that we should suggest? Shall we read less and more in depth and at the centre of the discussion? We should got 2 or 3 texts max, to be sure we all read the same

Marta: having the seminar on week day would be better to rest and sustainability:)

Gustavo: keep 22th for the next one, but for session 5 define it in a week day that is available to the facilitators and the rest.

Ana: How to organise the semianr in a way that we make it richer? Perhaps those convening the semianr could be more 'directive' in a very light way, tryimg to weave and connevct interventions. We could could center the discussion on a text to “be all on the same page” and be able to go deeper in the discussion.

Nisha: proposes a session on “money” and “monetary reform”. This could be done in session #5. “I will speak to my money reform colleagues on dates and share a proposal with CG on topic, speakers and dates for agreement.”

Ashish: try to grounded the discussion on examples? Add an introductory note to establish the debate. About participation, we could invite one or two persons that have expertise on the topic

Vasna / Shristee also like the idea of keeping the internal seminars small and intimate. We already agreed that the public webinar series could have different forms and some could be more dialogues like Marta had on feminism.

Vasna: I also like the idea of keeping these seminars small and intimate. We already agreed that the public webinar series could have different forms and some could be more dialogues like Marta had on feminism

Shrishtee: I also agree that the seminars be internal. Else we dont call them internal 😃. I think the idea was to gain greater clarity on ideas within the core team

Franco: We should be open to do re visit certain recurrent and central topics, like “the State”.

7. Upcoming events

10 MAY GTA SESSION at conference Campus for Climate Action - AlternativesAre activities and initiatives, concepts, worldviews, or action proposals by collectives, groups, organizations, communities, or social movements challenging and replacing the dominant system that perpetuates inequality, exploitation, and unsustainabiity. In the GTA we focus primarily on what we call "radical or transformative alternatives", which we define as initiatives that are attempting to break with the dominant system and take paths towards direct and radical forms of political and economic democracy, localised self-reliance, social justice and equity, cultural and knowledge diversity, and ecological resilience. Their locus is neither the State nor the capitalist economy. They are advancing in the process of dismantling most forms of hierarchies, assuming the principles of sufficiency, autonomy, non-violence, justice and equality, solidarity, and the caring of life and the Earth. They do this in an integral way, not limited to a single aspect of life. Although such initiatives may have some kind of link with capitalist markets and the State, they prioritize their autonomy to avoid significant dependency on them and tend to reduce, as much as possible, any relationship with them. to Crisis May 10th - 21st 2021. (Bath Spa University online and on campus). Speakers: Ashish, Alejandra, Vasna, Shristee, Ana Cecilia as facilitator; the conference is convened by one ofour endorsers artist Ben Parry

11 May, GTA & EDGE funders webinar, 2 pm GMT/UTC

20-22 May, Kana Wain Dida COVID Indigenous conference, request to submit abstract.

21/5: Earth Action Hub - Ashish will participte.

27: Democracy / power, 2 sessions with Grassroots to Global network - Ashish, Gustavo, Shrishtee, Simon

June: On Localization event (by Local Futures)

04 June: GTA webinar with weavers from Chile (Shrishtee).

12 June: Crianza Mutua Colomibia and Mexico meeting tbc (Gustavo)

8. Next internal seminar session

  • Topic: Local governance and Commons
  • Date and time: 22/5 at 15.00 UTC
  • Facilitation: Shrishtee and Ashish

9. Next core meeting

Wednesday, June 9th at 3.00 UTC

Topics for next session:

  • Facilitation meet expansion
  • Social media presence?
  • Planning a meeting of Crianza Mutua and Vikalp Sangam