GTA's Core meeting - July 9th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - July 9th 2021

  • Participants: Gustavo, Ashish, Vasna, Amy, Ana Cecilia, Franco, Shrishtee, Upamanyu
  • Note takers: Upamanyu, Vasna, Franco
  • Facilitator: Ashish

1. Check-in and updates

Quick round of updates and changes in the agreed meeting faciliation rotation system.

We check-in replying the question: what is good for you about the weather in the place you are located?

2. Endorsers update

Needs definition

Check status


  • Institue of the Commons (from Ariella S Patchen's email mentioning Marina Sitrin and Silvia Federici)
    • Ask Ariella to be an individual endorser and as their Institute comes into operation, invite the Institute to be an organisational endorser - Franco will reply from GTA account.
    • Consider Marina Sitrin to core group - Gustavo to explore with Marina if she is interested in being a core group member
  • Kumi Naidoo (individually) and Africans Rising for Peace \& Justice
    • Ashish to follow up with Kumi on individual and group endorsement from Africans Rising.
  • Ana Cecilia to look into potential endorsers from the Zapatista Solidarity Network and those who participated in the Zapatista European visit who are regional or national.

3. Endorsers criteria and procedure

  • Recap of comments from Nisha, Ashish, Chrisine. Ashish's proposal:
    • 1. Whoever is recommending or forwarding the name of a potential endorser, sends it to the full core team along with a justification for why this person/organisation is aligned to the GTA and what benefits come from the endorsement to our larger objectives.
    • 2. Anyone from core team who has a comment, esp. if they know the candidate, or have some background on them that is relevant, or reflections based on doing some homework on their profile, sends it to full core.
    • 3. A smaller group (which we have to nominate as a sort of ongoing working group within the core team, for which we also need volunteers) considers the comments and makes a recommendation to the core team. Of course if all the comments are in favour, there is no need for this smaller group to meet, the proposal can go straight to the core team.
    • 4. The core team makes a decision at its next meeting.
    • 5. List of potential endorser (to be updated):

The procedure is approved by the core group meeting.

Ana Cecilia, Ashish and Franco volunteer to be the working group for endorsers.

4. GTA Assembly definitions

5. Planning a meeting of Crianza Mutua and Vikalp Sangam

  • Updates from CM after their latest meeting. We need to define date, format and details
  • Gustavo: The idea of a meeting between CM and VS was well received by CM. CM will hold two meetings to prepare and suggest a meeting with VS in November.
  • Shrishtee and Ashish will do the preparations with VS and come with some suggested dates in November.

6. Tasks where we need more hands

After a long review of the tasks by the facilitation team. Here is the full detail of the review process:

We identified the following tasks and areas where we need more collaboration of core members:


Invite core group members to take responsibility for facilitating one webinar each - after Ashish or anyone makes initial contact, following up, finding moderators, translators, etc. More details about this process:
  • Next three webinars:
    • Myanmar - July - Ashish
    • Palestine - September - Marta
    • African Food Sovereignity - October - Vasna


Need more help with suggestions around themes and writing pieces
  • Shrishtee: Mostly need suggestions around themes and people to put us in touch with.
  • Upamanyu, Anna and Franco are helping with the technical and editorial parts.


Everyone to send him the details of the activities we have been involved in. Upamanyu is starting to care ot that website section.
  • Question: How do we decide what should be included on the event page? Some events are co-hosted by GTA officially but other events where we present as individuals may be harder to decide on.
  • Criteria: We will take it case-by-case but some criteria are: (1) co-organised by GTA, (2) featuring GTA as a topic, (3) more than one GTA core group or endorser is involved, or (4)an individual presentation where the main focus is on GTA.


Help to get potential hired translators for webinars and website contents.

7. Quick updates on other sub-projects and actions

COVID resilience case studies

  • Vasna finalising the first volume material and will work with Franco next week to develop design, etc.
  • The second volume is in development but still need a few stories. Gustavo has to send one or two stories from Mexico. If all goes well, the final edited version should be ready in August.


  • Need to send updates to funders. Consider the schedule of reporting to the funders. Franco and Gustavo are following up with Swift Foundation but it should be in the upcoming weeks.
  • Ashish: Should we offer an online reporting to the funders?
  • Franco: Swift Foundation have a digital process, still waiting more details from Gustavo who is the contact person. For Full Circle Foundation - Ecoversities did an informal call so that might be the way to proceed.
  • Franco is following up on the Edge webinar and is in touch with Sofia and others to find potential funders.

Global processes dialogue

  • Going to hire a person as “secretarian”, to be defined.
  • Regular meetings happening.
  • Minutes of meetings are available, they will be presented in the website. Being developed by Franco.
  • We need to define a name, the potential one is “ADELANTE”
  • Sofia from EDGE is interested in participating in the next dialogue.
  • Interaction with Multiconvergence: Still as observers positions in the meetings.

COP26 conversations

Mapping and Collaborative Documentation platform

  • Franco gave an update on the work that has been done. We are starting phase 2 of the project, details here:
  • A webinar was held for core group members to share what the mapping process is and the video is available. We had also a conversation with Daniela from EJAtlas project to get ideas from her experience. All recordings are available here:
  • We need to allocate the payments for development team for the work done during the last 6 months.
  • A meeting with endorsers to share what we are doing for mapping will take place when we have a beta version. The date for this could be coordinated in the first Assembly?
  • Franco will send an email updating those endorsers who expressed interest in the mapping.

Upcoming events

Other topics

  • At least one volunteer from Lund, define role based on her interests and skills.

8. Long term plans

We already agreed to talk about long term plans to expand the current roadmap. Planning for a year or two. Broader picture of number of initiatives and activities.

Maybe we can start it in this meeting?

Current roadmap:

Make the long term plan a seperate core group meeting. Have a reflective session where we think of our long term vision and plans.

Shrishtee will make a sort note and send to the core group as well as a doodle poll on dates so we have maximum participation.

9. Next meeting

Next internal seminar session will be on 30th July

Next core meeting: 3th August, 3pm UTC