GTA's Core meeting - Nov 6th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - Nov 6th 2021

  • Participants: Gustavo, Marina, Ana Cecilia, Vasna, Ashish, Shishtree, UD, Franco, Marta

1. Check-in and updates

Round of introductions and welcome Marina!

2. Endorsers update

From previous meeting:

  • Cara Judea Alhadeff, PhD. Program Director, Jews Of The Earth. Nisha is missing, she was in charge of this.
  • Cultural survival, not response after 2 emails
  • Ashish: one suggestion for endorsers: Global Environments Network, working in Morocco and US with indigenous peoples, young people. They know, but didn't contact GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives. Ashish will contact the,.
  • Vasna would like to suggest International League of People's Struggles who are co-hosting the COP26 event. Decide it next month, after COP26.

To check again:

  • Jineologi academy, they are discussing to be an Endorser
  • Marina will sugges tome potential names

Core new members suggestions:

  • Ashish: suggestion for core group: From Rojava: Servin Nudem (may or may not have time, but worth asking). Ashish will follow up with her.
  • (will also follow up with her about inviting Jineoloji as endorser). Already contacted here, waiting for her final response.
  • Shrishtee: suggestion for core team: Angging Aban from Philippines. Shrishtee will contact her. Approve it!
  • Mauricio from Crianza Mutua MX, also approved

3. Internal seminar - Final session

We need to re-schedule last session of the year:

Next internal seminar session #8: Saturday 11th Dec - 3 UTC

4. Next year planning updates

Updates from FCF: they approved our concept note, now the is full submission in 3 weeks for 120.000 USD (2 years period). Our current budget draft for 2022-2023 presented to them, here is the doc:

Team to work on this: Franco, Ashish, Stee, Gustavo, Lina

5. General updates

COP26's outcomes

sharing ideas, balance and actions from GTA?. Ana Cecilia will resume and facilitate this during next core meeting.

Update on Adelante

  • GTA co-hosted a BRICS People's Forum on authoritarian states
  • GTA is co-hosting a session at COP26 People's Summit on 9th Nov:
  • Next Adelante meeting will take place in Dec. We continue to employ Andrea to support the process. She will focus on funding applications.
    * Kalle Bloomberg is doing a review of Adelante with partner organizations

ACTION: Have a postCOP26 meeting, from GTA and/or with ADELANTE crew.

A reflection session on how do we act for change regardless of the false solutions and climate delay of the states. But someone has to take the lead. The idea being to come up with some strategies for our own actions.

Need to have a GTA meeting to organise our resources for participation in Adelante as it is an important process for GTA to move forward our working of weaving the tapestry.

Recent and future events

  • Dialogue VS \& CM, 4th December

GTAMap updates and feedback

  • Showed the current beta version.
  • First announce in the Assembly in December

Status reports on resiliance stories

  • Report #1: Stee and UD
    • Almost finished, going to design phase. Finished by the end of November
  • Report #2: Vasna
    • All the docs are shared, but Vasna don't have the capacity now to finish it. Final editing is missing. Ana can take care of it. Marina will help.

6. Next meeting

Next internal seminar session #8: Saturday 11th Dec - 3 UTC

Next core meeting: Saturday 18th Dec - 3 UTC