GTA's Core meeting - Dec 18th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - Dec 18th 2021

  • Note taker: Franco
  • Facilitator: Alex
  • Participants: Alex, Shrishtee, Gustavo, Patricia, Amy, Marina, Xochitl, Franco, Ashish, Nisha, Mauricio

1. Check-in and updates

Round of updates and introductions. Welcome new members: Mauricio.

2. Endorsers update

New endorsers:

  • Civil Diplomacy Centre (East/North Syria), already included
  • Rising Earth News, to be included
  • Gary Martin

Not confirmed:

  • Awaiting news from Milk Tea Alliance, Global Diversity Foundation/Global Environments Network

From previous meeting:

  • Cara Judea Alhadeff, PhD. Program Director, Jews Of The Earth.
    • Updates from Nisha are coming soon
  • Vasna would like to suggest International League of People's Struggles who are co-hosting the COP26 event. Decide was postponed after COP26.
    • Vasna not here, check with her.
  • Youth endorsers? (Vasna had some names).
    • Vasna not here, check with her.
  • Decide about Reap Goodness
    • We will comment on the mailing list to inform the decision

3. Next year general objectives and actions

The invitation is to have a common dialogue to share collective and personal projects to enrich the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives's 2022 roadmap.

Reflection moment


Facilitated by Shrishtee

One reflectory question:

Revisit GTA's specific objective within the broader goals of the process:

  • creating spaces of collaboration and exchange, in order to learn about and from

each other,

  • critically but constructively challenge each other,
  • offer active solidarity to each other whenever needed,
  • inter-weave the initiatives in common actions, and give them visibility to inspire other

people to create their own initiatives.

A. Are our current activities helping us meet these broader objectives? What’s worked

well, what can be done better/differently? Has the overall process oriented approach

helped? If so how? And if not why?

B. What kind of activities you would like us do more?what kind of documentation, sharing, networking and gatherings?

Reflections and comments

Alex: the webinars were really good, we should do more of that. Its very common to end in abstraction when we talk about “alternatives”, but this grounded experiences are really great way to have in depth connection and weaving. Not sure if the general feedback was good, is my personal impression.

That has been the more active “weaving”. Then the idea of finding new more weavers, from other locations.

Stee: personally very moved by many of the webinars sessions. Others reacted in a similar way.

Ashish: interconnetion and learning from each other have been very sucessfull. There are many examples of this good outcomes, like the emergence of ADELANTE (that wasn't initially in the plans). The webinars series provided a platform for an audicence and dialogue space. The lockdown forced us to be creative on how to connect in an effective way. Also the core team expanded in a very nice way. Weak points: 1) connecting with indigenous networks and keep them active; 2) more action on solidarity space, we don't have a concensus on if possible from GTA to take public positions. Maybe the assembly could the space to take that decisions, we need to on 2022. 3) geting more weavers, starting processes or identify exising ones, we need to do more of that; 4) outreach, is reasonable ok but we can do it better and do more and reach more people. We need a dedicated effort to do so.

Gustavo: basically agree with everything. Add some comments: we have been much more active that imagined in the interconnections at the global level. We should be satisfied by the work of many of this core team in that sense, GTA is probably the more active global process in that kind of actions. It's a very valuable achievement.

We still don't know how to do solidarity actions in a more effective way (letters and signatures are not effective).

We already started the connections at the local level, but we have already faced the limitation of that. We should explore how to connect specif groups/experiences, not only networks of groups. Facilitate their direct connection and move forward the phisical encounters. We have good perspectives to get new weavers in different parts, like Brazil and Ecuador. We shoudl think in different strategies for Africa and Europe, that could be different from the weavers in Latin America or India. For 2022 we will probably have specific funding for this that would allow us to do specific thinkg on this.

Xochitl: webinars were really usefull. Most of us could'nt be online in most of them, but the possiblity to be able to access the recording are really valuable. Are very important the open access to them.

Regarding the core group, I think the dicussion are really important. About Ashish's comments on indigenous people connection and Gustavo's comments on potential way to proceed. I want to bring the experience with Zapatistas. The “hermanamiento”: how its possible to make connections with global movements. This possible because of the local contact in the territories. The pandemic didn't allow that. But now we can think how we can do that again. I had the experience of participating, 3 years ago, in the Seminar of Unitierra Oaxaca. After I moved I get disconnected, but enforced the local connections in my region.

In the WSF 2022 is an opportunity to meet all in the territories, make this “hermanamiento” possible. We would be able that the GTA's core members meet many of this communities, in the local direct way. So this is an example and maybe its difficult, but we need to do face to face conviviality to meet each other and start another level of work in GTA.

Stee: totally agree we should do the interaction at that level.

Patricia: The webinars are very good way to share experiences, co-inspirations, it is very important to have a translation to Spanish (simultaneous translation) to break through fences and idiomatic walls

Compartir las experiencias que hemos venido haciendo en la pluriversidades de pies: son eventos autoconvocados con presupuesto de la comunidad. Cada quien de la comunidad pon algo. Desde la academia se estan interconectando con estos procesos. Desde el GTA se pueden dar. Son procesos para defender la vida, aprender juntos, son experiencias alternativas que permite una urdimbre donde pueden existir multiples tipos de tramas, de hilos paralelos que permite generar ese tejido. Es una forma de hace diferente al de desarrollo. Hablamos de itinerancia.

Mauricio: in the last months I have been learning more about the GTA. The weavers encounter (Dec 4th) we have was really important for us. We commited to breake with the “virtual world”, and was great to come togeter face to face in Chiapas. THen other meeting was decided, so thats way I am now in Sierra Juarez in this gathering. Its very important to recover face to face encounters, we should do that next year with all of you. It's an important moment here, and everyone agrees on the importante in being togehter to defend the territory. I look forward to get more involved in GTA next year.

Nisha: holidays is starting here, and my router seems to already started his break time :). Agree on what has been said so on. I want to enphatizy the great ammount of work. I join GTA after the WSF process. Less then a year ago. I still do feel like a newbie, cathing up and learning. The seminar and assemblies was a great place to learn. The ammount of GTA's activities are incredible. I value the level of activity by all of you. Completly impress by all the stuff that Vasna, Ashish, Stee does. I hope that next year I won't feel such a newbie. The impression got is that the WSF is not doing well, overhelming and complex. I think in the context of the Assembly we could have kind of an umbrella to have a better common presence in the WSF.

Stee: would be great if others members of the core team get more active in 2022.

Marta: agreed with everyone. I am gratefull to be here in the process. Was a very hard year for me, need to leave for some time the facilitation team. I enjoyed the flexibility and the care spirit on the group. I also agree with Gustavo about on how the GTA's growth beyond all of our expectations. We should be cauttion: we may be victim of our own success. We should explore and talk about the bounderies and limits, to decide what to do and what is feasible for us. Since we have more new members in the core team, we should work on orientation to make them feel active and find their place in the team.

Marina: we could think about a sister relation, facilitation for the one that are newcomers like me. The reputation of the GTA is very important.

Gustavo: I will talk with Marina on how to proceed. We need to organize in May in MX, in Oaxaca. Independent of the WSF.

Franco: Agree with all that's been said, including suggestion by Gustavo for meeting in Oax in May, pending Full Circle Fdn funding. Confident it will happen.

Amy: GTA is doing extremly well. I wish to be more involve, but is not so easy because of my situtation. Last month got 20 days disconnected from the internet, because of censorship and survaillance on my activities.

Nisha: orientation for new members; a buddy system for new new members with older members; and how do we share work more evenly across core group. perhaps we can have working groups cg members can join? if these groups exist already perhaps we can know more so we can join.

4. Funding updates

Short updates from funders

  • Proposal to FCF submitted, waiting for updates
  • Proposal to AHRC submitted
  • Swift report submitted, funds for 2022 received

Extra funding

Potential funding opportunities (to cover the missing resources for 2022-2023 plans):

Ideas commented

  • would be able to support post produciton of the weavers dialogue video
  • re-alocate resources for next year, available for the gathering in May 2022
  • if we get FCF support, we will have 80% of the next cycle covered.

5. General updates

Assembly outcomes

Dialogue VS \& CM, outcomes

  • would be able to support post produciton of the weavers dialogue video, Mauricio is working on it
  • Gustavo:
  • Ashish: presentation were really good. Was an oppotunity to VS to engage more with their members. Time allocation finally didn't allowd us to have a dialogue space, not only presentation. Should improve that. Next sessions should be thematic, as many participants suggested. Bring SouthEast weaver in the next session.
  • Gustavo: we will organize a separete meeting on this and next steps.

ADELANTE's updates

  • Restart the process of dialogue among the processes, to identify similarities and differences. Ashish and Vasna would be leading that early next year.
  • Recently we made a reflection of COP26.
  • in the context of COP26, the “alternaties” presence bring by GTA and some others members of ADELANTE were really appreciated.

reports on resiliance stories:

Outreach team

Collaboration with Rising Earth in the field of Comm/outreach team in GTA

They will become Endorsers. Suggested to create a Comm/Outreach team. We will have a specific meeting on this.

6. Next meeting

Next internal seminar session #8: Friday Jan 14th - 3pm UTC

Next core meeting: Saturday 22th Jan - 3pm UTC