GTA's Core meeting - Feb 22nd 2022

GTA's Core meeting - Feb 22nd 2022

  • Note taker: Franco, Shrishtee
  • Facilitator: Ashish
  • Participants: Lina, Shrishtee, Ashish, Simon, Franco, Arvin, Hans, Mauricio, Alex, Angging, Marta, Xochitl, Upamanyu, Vasna

1. Check-in and updates

Round of updates!

2. Endorsers update

Check status:

  • International Tribunal on Rights of Nature - Ashish has sent the invitation and they need to check with other members of the tribunal before confirming. Accepted. Now defining how they will collaborate with GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives.
  • Milk Tea Alliance, - Ashish has sent reminder to them, and expects to get a response soon. For Milk Tea, Annging is following up. Arvin wrote in the chat: “Hi! Regarding MTA, we will update the soonest about their endorsement to the GTA. ”.
    • Update: We sent a message to them following our last meeting. It got lost in the messaging thread of MTA. But we already followed-up with them this week. We heard back and they seem to be interested but would like to know more about GTA first before proceeding. We already sent them GTA's website so they can check for themselves.
  • Vasna would like to suggest International League of People's Struggles who are co-hosting the COP26 event. Decide was postponed after COP26.
    • Update: process very slow, they will take some to define.

3. GTA's weavers criteria

We already did the Feb 11th: share criterias of CMM and VS.

We agreed to start a draft document for GTA's criteria that emerged from that conversation. Need to form a specific group to do the writing of the draft.

Mauricio will send a first draft. Then we will have meeting with the other WeaverA local, regional, or national network or organization that connects or consists of multiple Alternatives. It should be a collective process of some kind, rather than only a single individual. By being a "weaver", they are committed to participate in the GTA, developing ways of dialogue, interconnection, collaboration and solidarity with other Weavers. GTA promotes the interconnection of the Weavers, identifying [[:weavers:criteria|a series common criteria for the weaving of Alternatives]]. Examples: Vikalp Sangam and Crianza Mutua., Crianza Mutua Colombia.

Next in schedule:

  • March: include CMC's criteria and (maybe) SouthEast network input
  • April: have the first version of the document of the criteria
  • May: Public presentation in WSF

4. Activities in Mexico

4.1. WEEK 1: GTA in the WSF Mexico

The WSF will take place in May, first week. Will be phisical and virtual.

How can GTA use the space of the WSF to expand our message?

As GTA we recognise that there are many issues about the WSF and its politics. Our position is that we as GTA are critical of the dominant system and are working for radical alternatives. Can we use the opportunity of the WSF to claim a space for alternatives and continue to build solidarity through our activities there? The extent of our impact is partly based on our energy and effort - do we focus effort on shaping the WSF itself and/or also on our strengthening our own work.

Possible activities:

  • Gathering of GTA's related people: core members, weavers members, endorser members
  • Activities with ADELANTE?
  • GTA participating in the WSF facilitation team
  • Present the GTA's weaving criterias (that we are developing)

Next steps:

  • Write to all Endorsers to ask who will be phisically in the WSF.
  • Conform a small team to take care of GTA's in WSF: Vasna, Ashish, Shrishtee, Nisha, Mauricio

4.2. WEEK 2: GTA's core gathering

Main data about the gathering:

  • 5 days
  • During the 2nd week of May
  • One part located in Unitierra Oaxaca (in Oaxaca city) and other part in a Community.

Who would be able to participate in person from the Core Group:

  • Mauricio
  • Gustavo
  • Vasna
  • Ashish
  • Shrishtee
  • Franco
  • Alex
  • Xochitl


  • Marta
  • Angging, Arvin or Hans (budget support)
  • Nisha (budget support)

Who won't be able to participate:

  • Lina

Who is not here and should be asked:

  • Marina
  • Christine
  • Simon
  • Arturo

What happens if WSF is postponed or canceled?

  • If canceled, we can still have our gathering in Oaxaca.
  • If posponed, maybe we can adapt and move our meeting according to the WSF change.

4.3. WEEK 3: Activiy in Chiapas?

Xochitl will prepare a proposal to take Core members to Chiapas.

5. GTA's Assembly

Proposed for end March, probably 31st March.

Assembly facilitation team will send information by email soon.

6. Other topics

Coordination and Facilitation team updates

Movement Dialogue proposal by Tord Bjork

  • I would like this firs call to younger activists would come from us together, Stockholm+50 and GTA. Send an invitation to some 50 below 35 activists (the criteria WSF use) to a first meeting. So what is asked from GTA/Adelante is to sign a first invitation to some 50 younger activists together with me (Stockholm+50)
    • Tord is confused about what is youth in the case of Franco.
    • Vasna already tried to escape from Tord.
    • We will circulate the letter in the core team mailing list prior any public support.

Article GTA's on Weavers genealogy

coordinted by Stee, draft document:

  • Please check the document and make comments.

Internal Seminars?

  • We are devoting the 2nd montly meeting for the GTA weaving criteria in first part of the year. Post WSF we will resume that, focused on the idea of the “GTA narrative builiding”

Weavers Diaogue 2: Healing Encounter

  • First concept note shared by Mauricio. To take place in April.

7. Next meeting

Next GTA's weaving criterias meeting: Lina will suggest a specifc date of the first part of March

Next core meeting: 24th March - 2 PM UTC