GTA's Core meeting - April 20nd 2022

GTA's Core meeting - April 20nd 2022

  • Facilitator: Ashish
  • Participants: Ashish, Vasna, Franco, Shrishtee, Amy, Marta, Nisha, Mauricio, Arturo G, Lina, Xotchil

1. Check-in and updates

Round of updates!

2. Endorsers update

  • International League of People's Struggles
  • No news on new endorsers

3. Gustavo's tribute activity

Will take place in Unitierra and online on Sunday 8th. Gustavo's partner, Nicole, will participate and very happy about it.

  • The first list of people who could come by is ready with Nicole who gave suggestions for speakers.
  • Mauricio to invite about 30 people for the event which will happen from 9am-12 pm.
  • Live streaming platform, translator and moderators have to be decided.
  • The invite letter could suggest a time frame of speeches from 3-5 min instead of 5 min.
  • Transmission can be done via (Xochitl)
  • Request Nicole for pictures and videos of Gustavo.


4. GTA's Oaxaca Gathering plans

  • 3 hour sessions every day, Few in a hybrid format.
  • Request to attendees to bring something from their country or culture to show how people are healing themselves for the session with community. Reduce the proposed agenda for Oaxaca meet and June can be executed on a small scale.
  • Maybe a second gathering on 7-10 June. Xotchitl will send details. Smaller GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives group to discuss and update day-wise plans in detail.

Planning details:

5. WSF's activities

6. Other updates

Webinars planning with partners:

Facilitation team situtation:

GTA's alternative criteria updates:

  • Franco will work on the inputs that have come in and hope to have a draft next week that we can discuss before WSF

7. GTA Internships 2022

Several students from Lund University have indicated interest in carrying out internships with GTA this year from September-December. However Vasna does not have time to manage them so if we move forward with these internships, we need to have other people volunteer to manage the internships.

Franco will take the lead in liaising and managing the interns. Vasna will set up a meeting to introduce the students to Franco and discuss plans.

7. Next meeting

Next core meeting: Thursday - 19th May 2pm UTC