GTA's Core meeting - August 15th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - August 15th 2022

  • Note taker: Urvi
  • Facilitator: Franco
  • Participants: Marina, Arturo, Angging, Arvin, Urvi, Lina, Mauricio, Franco, Arturo

1. Check-in and updates on core team

We did a round of updates.

We decided to run a short meeting focusing on the topics we could cover with current participants and propose a date for other meeting to cover the uncovered topics with more of the core members in it.

2. Endorsers update

  • Greenpeace International. They approved it.
    • Pending: Need to get their contact person name and add them to the public website and GTAMap.
  • Suggestion by Ashish: Academy of Democratic Modernity

3. New weavers updates

Updates from SouthEast Asia

  • New name: Movement for alternatives and solidatiry in southeast asia.
  • P2P(People to people exchange): Will discuss with Ashish, Shrishtee, Pallav. Proposing august 22nd-23rd dialogue between Vikalp Sangam and MASSA for a preparotary diaglogue.
  • 4th conference in January, will update when the details are finalised.
  • Funding support: requested funding support from FOCUS
  • To send information for the annoucement of new weaver in the periodical and on GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives website
  • Set up a dialogue between the weavers. A thematic conversation between all 4 weavers. Maybe for September.
  • The funds GTA will be supporting with will be distributed in the hybrid communications between the SE practicioners

4. Connection with Greenpeace International

  • Meeting with Greenpeace regarding “Alternative Futures” innitiative.
    • They have a similar process to GTA. A few core group members had a meeting.
    • Suggest presenting the document to the GTA core group
    • Meeting with GP took place on August 2nd.
    • Meeting on Alt. Futures initiative, to 25th Aug, 1 pm GMT.

Franco devoted some minutes to explain the current relation GPI as EndorserAn organization or collective that publicly express its supports to the GTA process. Examples: [[endorsements:organisations|Full list of current Endorsers]] and answered some doubts about their future role.

5. Second part of Core Gathering

We have around 11 000USD for the GTA core group meetng and 10 000 USD that CM Colombia has where part can be used for this. Extra funding would be needed to cover the costs of all the one interested in participate.

We will explore the following option during the upcoming weeks:

Next steps:

  • :!: TODO: in the next 15 days, a report with the budget of hotels and logistics. To be done by Lina and Franco.
  • Last week of january as the proposed date for the meeting. 7-14 days, will extend to first week of february
  • 1st week (last week of Jan) will be utilised for the core agenda (3 DAY Bracket). 1 day for the CMC and GTA meeting and the CMC national after that.

6. Reports status

Report #4 - Define theme and coordination

  • We got 2000 USD to cover coordination, design and other production tasks. Marina expressed interest in coordinating it. One of the Lund's interns, Leo Baumgärtner, would be interested in collaborating
  • Marina will coordinate it
  • :!: TO DO: we need to Setup a separate meeting in a few weeks with those interested in colaborating with Marina, and also with Vasna and Shrishtee who coordinated other volumes to share on the experience with Marina.

Report #5?

Not goging to happen with IBON.

Was a potential Collaboration with IBON International's Climate Justice Programme. Franco and Vasna attended the meeting with them. They are seeking national level organizations in Latin America, GTA is not suitable. We connected Unitierra Oaxaca with them.

7. Other topics

  • Promote meeting among weavers (including MASSA) to organize a new weavers dialogue in September.
  • Periodical: Weavers send updates to Stee and Urvi to be included in the next issue.
    • Periodical #8 already out
    • For Periodiocal #9: MASSA presentation piece
  • Mauricio reported on the presence of GTA in the the Ninth South South Forum on Sustainability THE COLLAPSE OF MODERN CIVILIZATION AND THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY in the panel “Regenerating the Social Tissue of Hope: Walking with Gustavo Esteva”
  • Upcoming ceremony on 20th August (Gustavo's birthday) were his ashes will be offered to his favorite home tree.

8. Next meeting

Next core meeting: 26th August, 1 PM GMT (one hour earlier to facilitate Angging and Arvin participation)