GTA's Core meeting - September 26th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - September 26th 2022

  • Note taker: Vasna \& Franco
  • Facilitator: Urvi
  • Translators: Lina, Mauricio, Franco
  • Participants: Arvin, Marina, Ashish, Urvi, Franco, Arturo G, Lina, Vasna

1. Check-in and updates on core team

Liepollo Pheko has joined the core group but did not receive notification of this meeting. We will write welcoming her to the core group after this meeting.

Hibist Kassa will be approached by Vasna to represent WoMin in the core group.

2. Endorsers / weavers updates

2.1 Endorsers

RED. Discussion about how to involve Pallav Das and RED website in the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives. Vasna suggested individual (Pallav Das) or institutional endorsement (RED website). Pallav has discussed with ashish about being a member of the core group. The issue would be having 4 Kalpavriksh members on the core group.

The consensus is that RED can be organization endorser, not part of the core team. Ashish will speak to Pallav about insitutional endorsement.

2.2 Weavers and potential weavers update


MASSA: Working with the regional steering committee of the ASEAN People's Forum. Still in the process of working out the collaboration.

P2P Exchange between VS and MASSA. Trying to set up a meeting for exchange. Challenge that MASSA people very involved in preparing for the ASEAN People's Forum.

MASSA is looking to translate the contract from Spanish for the funding as a weaver. Will require a Spanish speaker from the core group to assist with this. Franco will assist with this.


No feedback from the German potential weavers yet.


Franco, Mauricio and Renata (from Pedagog) had a meeting with Teia das Povos A process that exists for 10 years now working on food sovereignity, etc. Could be a potential weaver. Franco's perspective is they have a specific focus but are an interesting group. More about this group:

Thinking about arranging a physical encounter to connect with them. We have a small budget for seeding weavers that could be used for this. Franco maybe able to make a short trip into Brazil in December 2022, at least to have some meetings with some of them.

:!: Action: Explore how we can meet with them to share and learn together. Ashish will also share some other Brazilian contacts who could be involved/asked.

3. Radical Alternatives encounter

We've been off and on discussing the need to bring together movements across the world that are attempting radical democracy/autonomy, with the Zapatista and the Kurdish freedom movement being two prominent examples, but also many others from Indigenous peoples, some urban examples, etc. Also urban examples of radical governance.

Perhaps we can have something on this at the end of next year or in 2024. A gathering of 40-60 people. The Kurdish movement were also thinking about something like this and they are quite excited to collaborate.

Consider also Sahrawi people in Western Sahara (Maduresh) and Zapatista movement (Xochitl).

Marina noted that there have been many meetings of these groups so we could form a working group to look into who is doing what and how we are complimenting and collaborating rather than having a parallel process.

Xochitl asked about the meeting as being presential. It will ideally be in-person. Xochitl noted that there is a limit of invitations. In Greece, Italy and Finland there are neo-Zapatista networks that are working on these issues about democracy, sovereignity and autonomy.

Xochitl: Why an emphasis on radical democracy rather than radical alternatives?

Ashish: Very important that those invited are actually practising radical democracy on the ground and not people studying it. Not sure that such a gathering has taken place as a global gathering with all the groups. Absolutely agree that we don't want to duplicate but add strength. Thinking of a smaller gathering of 40-60 with 2-3 representatives chosen from the movements.

It should be noted that we are also planning a gathering of the GTA Assembly for late next year. We should consider if/how these overlap.

Related to this, we have applied for funding to do some development of the work around radical alternatives.

Vasna noted that GTA has put in two initial expressions of interest for funding - partly for the GTA Assembly gathering that we want to have in-person and also for developing the ideas of what we mean by radical alternatives, radical democracy, etc.

Franco noted that the working group should also consider what would be a good venue for a meeting and connect that decision withe GTA Assembly. This could be an option is both gatherings are planned in some place of Europe.

:!: Action: Create a working group to start developing the idea.

:!: Ashish, Xochitl Mauricio, Marina, Lina and Arturo G. have volunteered to be part and others can also join.

4. GTA's gathering in Colombia

Final definition in order to advance with VISAs and other.

Waiting for a budget from a place in the countryside where we would like to hold the meeting.

Today we should decide if we do it in January.

Planning for 4 days and 5 nights, Two days for a meeting of the core group, One day for a meeting with CM and a day to visit one of the processes of the region. It will be close to Cali. Fly into Bogota but potentially could also fly to Cali.

We also need to consider if we delay the meeting in order to secure more funding. Depending on people's available (especially Arturo E) we should see if something up until March is possible.

:!: Action: Have a quick call on 02 October at 14:00 GMT to decide when the meeting will happen. One option would be mid March, around 18th (this because Marina expressed she wont be available on weekends of March 11-12 and 25-26)

:!: Action: An invitation letter should be drafted and sent to the core group who need them.

5. ADELANTE Situation and future

The platfom seems to agonizing (that word exists?)

Capacity, resources are a problem now. Grassroots 2 Global has been active but not so much from others. They have acknowledged the same issue.

If G2G wish to still be connected, they can join as an endorser.

Franco: We have renewed the adelante domain ( and there is value to keep it there. We should not just let it disappear but to keep some of the presence and reflections of what we have done.

Ashish: Attempt at the manifesto through Adelante is something we should keep alive. Others such as Greenpeace Int have signed on to it.

We have not pushed the manifesto as much in the GTA Assembly but perhaps we should take this more actively with the GTA Assembly.

Should we keep the domain name or simply move it to the GTA website?

:!: Action: One last final mail suggesting the interests of people very clearly. Otherwise disband the group. Ashish will prepare a letter on this to the Adelante team.

Vasna to contact Eva about G2G endorsement of GTA

We will consider how best to use the manifesto:

6. Upcoming GTA Assembly

On 03/10/2022. Details are here:\_10\_03

Need to send reminder and link to join.

Include an item on the Radical Democracy gathering for the next GTA Assembly.

Include an item on the manifesto at the next GTA Assembly.

:!: Action: Define a moderator/facilitator

7. Other ideas and topics

Open dialogues with Raquel and Raul

Marina's idea; Series of open dialogues with Raquel Gutierrez and Raul Zibechi.

Marina already wrote some text piece to introduce this proposal, we should circulate than in the core.

Do we want this to be an internal thing or a public webinar?

We need to take care of the logistics of the webinar, mainly the translations needs to work good. Also think about post-production of the sessions, for example article or short videos.

Xotchil: focus in the intercultural aspect, not other keynote of superstarts style. Promote a debate based in questions. How to challenge our own way of thinking, how to create “real debate”. Not to clap them. To think and learn new things.

Ashish: maybe this could lead to a series with them and other “intellectuals”, also from other parts, talking with grassroots activists.

ADM workshop:

Participation of a GTA core team member at the forthcoming workshop of the Academy of Democratic Modernity (end-Nov/early Jan) in Switzerland

There is small funding. Anyone interested, reach Ashish this following week.

8. Next meeting

Next core meeting: 26th October: 2PM GMT