GTA's Core meeting - Nov 9th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - Nov 9th 2022

  • Note taker: Franco
  • Facilitator: Franco
  • Participants: Marina, Franco, Maduresh, Angging, Hans, Arvin, Lina, Ashish, Shrishtee, Alex

1. Check-in and updates on core team

2. Endorsers and weavers updates

RED didn't accept to become endorser.

Democracy Collaborative approach could lead to an Endorsement?

Vasna: We can ask Fossil Free Culture NL, an artistic collective to also become an endorser. We (represented right now by Urvi and Vasna are working with them on an exhibition on alternatives).

3. Upcoming gatherings (virtual and phisical)

1. virtual weavers gathering (december 2022)

Mauricio shared by email an initial proposal. Proposed date is December 10th. Lina shared the proposal in the meeting and provided feedback, that is included as notes in the last version shared by Lina (here is the link to the file). Comments, notes, feedback produced:

  • Is the timing ok for everybody?
    • Maybe 3 hours is too long, should we reduce the length of the meeting? Should we focus only on the question about healing and talk about weaving or person to person exchange in another dialogue?

      * Methodology: The idea will be to allow for the participation of those who are not speaking as weavers.

      • How to reproduce the methodology of the “circle of words” in this virtual space? Should we split the conversation into rooms?
    • In the introduction we shouldn't include GTA as the main actor. Instead, we can do an introduction about the dialogue and its importance (the GTA is not creating something new)
  • Instead of “tapestry” we should talk about “weaving”:
    • How do we weave and what do we mean by weaving? (focusing on the fact that it is a verb). Also, MASSA does not use the term “weaving”, but “Person to person exchange”, we should include this term“;
  • Instead of discussing about “health” (which may give the impression of physical or biological health), we should use the term “healing” (this term includes healing our relationship with nature, healing the river, the territories, the body, the food the community; it also makes reference to herbal medicine, traditional medicines and so on).
  • At the end of the document we should stress the difference between CMCol and CMMex.

Next steps:

There will be a specific meeting with WeaverA local, regional, or national network or organization that connects or consists of multiple Alternatives. It should be a collective process of some kind, rather than only a single individual. By being a "weaver", they are committed to participate in the GTA, developing ways of dialogue, interconnection, collaboration and solidarity with other Weavers. GTA promotes the interconnection of the Weavers, identifying [[:weavers:criteria|a series common criteria for the weaving of Alternatives]]. Examples: Vikalp Sangam and Crianza Mutua.'s members before the public event. In the meantime, VS and MASSA, would provide feedback.

2. virtual gathering of the core team, whole day (to be defined)

We didn't talk about this. No updaes

3. meeting in Chipas between weavers members (feb 2023)

No mexican members in the meeting. Franco will contact Mauricio to ask for definitions and updades, because if this is taking place, some planning and preparation should take place.

4. GTA assembly

Planned to be take place mid/2nd semester 2023, around 40-50 persons. Around the half coming from the Weavers, 4 or 5 representatives (we expect to have 5 or 6 weavers by then).

$25,000 grant to document weavers processes building up to assembly was approved (details of the proposal:

We talked about the resulting document of this process. Angging would like to know more and participate. TOthers are welcome. A specific meeting on this would take place.

A potential is to combine the criterias document and case studies to provide a report.

5. Radical Democracy Alternatives gathering

(with Kurdish and others), not precisions yet, exploring…

Preparatory draft note, online for readng here:

A meeting with Swift to request funding for this will take place in the upcoming days, Ashish is leading it.

Working group will met on, 20th Nov?

Vasna: Potentially apply for Antipode Foundation funding:

4. ADELANTE updates

Vasna: Ashish sent out an email to all the groups. We had responses from Grassroots2Global, GGND, Alternative (although it should be noted that we had originally invited GDSC and not Alternative but Pierre was part of both), as well as Multiconvergence. Alternative and Frederic from Multiconvergence indicated no capacity to continue but Frederic suggested contacted Deborah instead. G2G and GGND were both keen to keep the space alive rather than end the experiment completely.

5 Other updates

Webinar series

Co-authored article

Write a co-authored article for “Globalizations: The Prospects of a Pluriversal Transition to a Post-Capitalist, Post-Carbon Future”

GTA at IASC 2023?

International Association of Commons meeting in Kenya coming up in mid-2023?

  • Simon will present about GTA? Needs to be confirmed.

6. Next meeting

Next core meeting: Thursday December 1st at 2.00 pm UTC