2021's Projects planning and overview

2021's Projects planning and overview

Funds available

Remaining from 2020:

  • FCF: 2,940 USD
  • Swift: 5,650 USD

From this we would need still to cover:

  • 2,000 USD for Report of Cases #2
  • 2,000 USD for short video production [:!: TBD]
  • 10% of the total amount of the year's budget for CEDI/Unitierra in concept of funds operational costs/ For 2020 the total budget was around 25,000 USD, so 2,500 USD.
  • Estimated remaining from 2020: 2,000 USD

Specific for 2021:

  • Remaining from 2020: 2,000 USD1)
  • FCF: 15,000 USD2)
  • Swift: 40,000 USD3)


This comes from the budget proposal presented to Swift:

[A] General coordination and logistics

  • Total: 15.000 u$s
  • Assigned: 15.000 u$s

Operational and coordination work. Its directly connected with the daily work, regular operations and infrastructure maintenance needed for the general GTA's process and also it's projects.

Needed actions and work:

  • Email and mailing list management
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Organize and document meetings
  • Internal documentation updates
  • Newsletter production
  • Graphic design tasks
  • A more detailed list is here

[B] Networking, research and contents creation

  • Total: 19.000 u$s
  • Assigned: 14.000 u$s
  • Remains: 5.000 u$s

Case studies reports on Covid-19 community responses

Publish 4 reports, with 8 to 10 cases each, on Covid-19 community responses. In 2020 we funded the first 2 reports, so for 2021 we would produce other 6. In previous budget we defined 2,000 u$s per report.

  • Requires: 8,000 u$s

Weaver and supporter in Asia

A full time person in Kalpavriksh to handle various aspects of the GTA, including:

  • help with mapping in Asia and possibly Africa,
  • more active and regular contact with endorsers/weavers in that region, * weaving the South Asia Vikalp Sangam and South-East asia alternative processes,
  • helping with pre/post production of online sessions.
  • Requires: 5,000 u$d

Support for the Dialogue between Global Processes

Requested by Vasna on June 2021.

Requires: 1.000 USD

[C] Software development and tech infrastructure

Total: 16.000 u$s

Website maintenance

  • Website general development, fixes and improvements
  • Visual design of the website
  • Security maintenance and administration

Requires: 3.000 u$d

Collaborative Mapping pltaform development

Continue the development and expansion of a software tool aimed at collective mapping and collaborative production of knowledge about alternatives. More detail is here.

This demands full year work of a development team of 3 persons. The required budget covers 3 partial dedications, in roles of Programmer, System Administrator and UX Design.

Requires: 12.000 u$d

Technical infrastructure cost

Fixed costs for servers, online services, domains, security certificates and regular maintenance tasks (backups, updates, optimization, monitoring, migration of data and others).

Requires: 1.000 u$d

[D] Gatherings, events and travels

Total: 18.000 u$s

GTA's core Face to face meeting

Current members

Only GTA's core members are part of it.

Location?: WSF in MX?

Online gatherings of Weavers


[E] Fixed operational costs

Total: 7.000 u$s

10% of the total to allocate resources to Unitierra/CEDI for funds operational costs.

  • TOTAL: 75.000 u$s
  • Covered: 57.000 u$s
  • Missing: 18.000 u$s
12.400 EUR to be accredited in 2021
Already accredited in account