2022's Projects planning and overview

2022's Projects planning and overview

Funds available

Remaining from 2021:

  • 15.000 USD?

From this we would need still to cover:

  • ? for vs-cm video postproduction
  • 500 USD for newsletter #5 translation into Spanish

Specific for 2022:

  • Remaining from 2021: 15,000 USD1)
  • FCF: 60,000 USD2)
  • Swift: 40,000 USD3)
  • Available for 2021: 115.000 USD 4)


[A] General coordination and logistics

  • Total: 20.000 u$s
  • Assigned: 20.000 u$s

Operational and coordination work. Its directly connected with the daily work, regular operations and infrastructure maintenance needed for the general GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives's process and also it's projects.

Needed actions and work:

  • Email and mailing list management
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Organize and document meetings
  • Internal documentation updates
  • Newsletter production
  • Graphic design tasks
  • A more detailed list is here

[B] Networking, research and contents creation

  • Total: 15.000 u$s
  • Assigned: 15.000 u$s

Case studies reports on Covid-19 community responses

Publish 2 reports, with 8 to 10 cases each, on Covid-19 community responses. We defined 2,000 u$s per report.

  • Requires: 4,000 u$s

Contents translations

  • Requires: 6,000 u$s:
    • 2.000 Contents translations for 4 newsletter in Spanish
    • 2.000 Contents translations for 4 newsletter in French?
    • 2.000 Contents translations for 6 webinars

Webinar productions

  • Requires: 6,000 u$s:
    • 3.000 6 Webinar series production (500 per webinar)

Support for ADELANTE (Dialogue between Global Processes)

Requires: 2,000 u$s

[C] Software development and tech infrastructure

Total: 15.000 u$s

Website maintenance

  • Website general development, fixes and improvements
  • Visual design of the website
  • Security maintenance and administration

Requires: 2.000 u$d

Collaborative Mapping platform development

Continue the development and expansion of a software tool aimed at collective mapping and collaborative production of knowledge about alternatives.

This demands full year work of a development team of 3 persons. The required budget covers 3 partial dedications, in roles of Programmer, System Administrator and UX Design.

Requires: 12.000 u$d

Technical infrastructure cost

Fixed costs for servers, online services, domains, security certificates and regular maintenance tasks (backups, updates, optimization, monitoring, migration of data and others).

Requires: 1.000 u$d

[D] Gatherings, events and travels

We plan to have a physical gathering of the GTA's core team.

Total: 20.000

[E] Weavers Suppport

Requires: 25.000 u$d

Weaver and supporter in Crianza Mutua MX

Requires: 10.000 u$d

Weaver and supporter in Crianza Mutua Colombia

Requires: 10.000 u$d

New weavers seeding support like Brazil

Requires: 5.000 u$d

[F] Fixed operational costs

Total: 10.000 u$s

10% of the total to allocate resources to Unitierra/CEDI for funds operational costs.


  • TOTAL: 115.000 u$s
  • Covered: 115.000 u$s
  • Assigned: 105.000 u$s
  • Not assigned: 10.000 u$s ??
1) , 4)
Confirmed, will be wired on Feb 2022
Accredited on 22/12/2021