Celebration of the Life of Gustavo Esteva

Celebration of the Life of Gustavo Esteva

Gustavo Esteva, friend and founder of the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives, passed away on March 17th 20221). An international encounter was organized by the GTA, Unitierra Oaxaca and Gustavo's partner Nicole Blanc, to honour him and celebrates his life. People from different parts of the world shared about their friendship with Gustavo, both in person and online.

The event was facilitated by Mauricio del Villar (Mexico), and the invited list of speakers included: Aldo Zanchetta (Italy); Amy Lee (China); Arturo Escobar (Colombia); Arturo Guerrero (Mexico) ; Ashish Kothari (India); Catherine Marielle (Mexico); Catherine Walsh (Ecuador); Dana Stuchul (USA); David Barkin (USA); Edgardo Garcia (Mexico); Fernando Soberanes (Mexico); Franco Augusto (Argentina); Frederique Apfel-Marglin (?); Grimaldo Rengifo (Peru); Jaime Martinez Luna (Mexico); John Holloway (Mexico); Juan Jose Consejo (Mexico); Lau Kin Chi (China); Manolo Callahan (USA); Marcos Leyva (Mexico); Marcos Sandoval (Mexico) ; Martina Kaller (Austria); Meliton Bautista (Mexico); Miriam Lang (Ecuador); Patricia Botero (Colombia); Raul Zibechi (Urugay); Sergio Beltran (Mexico); Thomas Wallgren (USA); Vandana Shiva (India); Vasna Ramasar (South Africa) ; Wendy Juarez (Mexico); Wolfgang Sachs (Austria); Xochitl Leyva (Mexico)

The simultaneous translation in Spanish and English were provided with amazing collaboration of Pablo Ayala and Sergio Beltran.

Recordings the celebration

Celebration video recording, with the speaker's participation

Fandango music section, with the participation of Colectivo Musiquero Tapacamino.

We shared some reflections about this sad event in our periodal, available in this link