9th International Degrowth Conference

9th International Degrowth Conference

GTA's sessions

Exploring the Pluriverse: Understandings of crisis and alternatives from the global south

Under the theme Hegemonic Worldviews and Degrowth Horizon, we share the findings and process to bring the voices from the global south together in both conceptualising the crises and responding to them. The paper presents the findings from in-depth and co-created conversations carried out with GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives weavers in Mexico, India, Colombia, and South East Asia; the aim of these conversations was to examine what different groups understand as alternatives for systemic transformation and how they have worked towards this through their own processes and organising.

The specific worldviews; social mobilisations and cosmologies guiding alternatives in each of these contexts are presented, along with the practices carried out to live in a world where many worlds are possible.

Weaving Alternatives to Polycrises: The Global Tapestry of Alternatives

Through this session, we intend to share GTA’s objectives, build connections, have critical dialogue and build connections. We aim for this to be non-academic in nature, and thus we invite all conference participants interested in the weaving together of radical alternatives to join us in an interactive session. We will begin with a short presentation of the GTA and voices of some the weavers. This will be followed by a discussion and reflection session where all participants contribute to building ideas collective for the global tapestry of alternatives process.