Dialogue 14: Cities of Dignity – Urban transformation around the world

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This session is part of the Webinar "Dialogue on Alternatives in the Time of Global Crises".

Dialogue 14: Cities of Dignity – Urban transformation around the world

with Mabrouka M'Barek (Tunisia/USA); Mary Ann Manahan (Philippines); Maria Khristine Alvarez; Asume Osuoka (Nigeria / Canada); Aseem Mishra (India); Sandeep Virmani (India); Bryce Detroit (USA); Juliana Goes Morais (Brazil); Miriam Lang (Ecuador)

Global urbanization maintains mutual constituent relationships with the main patterns of domination in our societies, shaping their development. However, cities are sites of intense political disputes as urban populations have organized to meet the challenges of everyday life, resist dispossession, and defend their rights. What conditions and strategies enable radical transformation in urban contexts? What kind of economic and political processes can sustain radical urban transformations? In this book presentation and dialogue session, we will deal with these questions and more as well as explore the tremendous transformative potential of cities through concrete cases from around the world.

There will be simultaneous interpretation to Spanish

  • Date: Thursday 3rd December
  • Time: 13:30 (UTC/GMT)
  • Duration: 120 minutes


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  • Miriam Lang, Ecuador: moderator
  • Mary Ann Manahan, Philippines, Maria Khristine Alvarez: Urban transformations around the world
  • Asume Osuoka, Nigeria, Canada: Solidarity, struggles and visions of social change in the slums of Lagos
  • Aseem Mishra, Sandeep Virmani, India: Building democracy from the bottom up in the City of Bhuj
  • Bryce Detroit, USA: The role of art in the struggle of black communities against gentrification
  • Juliana Goes Morais, Brazil: Commentator (with emphasis on the Latin American cases)


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