Unitierra Oaxaca: Learning and Hope

Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, was born amongst the context of radical reactions against institutional schooling observed in many Indigenous communities. Unitierra is deeply immersed in social change processes and dedicates itself to the exploration and application of life alternatives to modernity and imposed development. Unitierra understands learning as an aspect of daily life that can be cultivated and studying as the joyful and autonomous exercise of the free people. We define our learning and research method as reflection in action. In this webinar session some members of Unitierra's assembly will present the history and present of this initiative.

The session was conducted both in English and Spanish

Date: Friday July 8th of 2022

Time: 14:00 (UTC/GMT)

Duration: 90 minutes

This webinar series, called "Learning for Alternative Futures", is co-organised by Ecoversities, Educere Alliance, Global Tapestry of Alternatives, PeDAGoG, Radical Ecological Democracy, The Alternatives Project and Wellbeing Economy Alliance.


Wendy Juarez

Wendy is a Zapotec woman, audiovisual creator, radio broadcaster and photography enthusiast. She is part of the Red Futuros Indigenas. She collaborates in the Universidad de la Tierra taking up the critique of development and cybernetic mentality, as well as from the reflection and action in life alternatives to heal, learn and regenerate our communities. University teacher of topics related to communication theories.

Mauricio del Villar Zamacona

During the last 20 years he has shared life with different communities of Mexico and other parts of the world, learning and living the daily life through planting, preparing food, participating in celebrations, and strengthening social economy practices. He has collaborated with several Mexican and international NGOs, and actually he is a member of the Assembly of Unitierra Oaxaca.

Juan Mayorga

Juan has worked as a journalist in Mexican and international media. Since 2015 he has been dedicated full time to covering environmental issues, including the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, sustainable forest management and indigenous peoples' knowledge as alternatives to the Western response. Member of the assembly of Unitierra Oaxaca.

Arturo Guerrero Osorio

Since 1995 he has been living and collaborating with communities and grassroots organizations in Oaxaca, Mexico, accompanying community radio stations and self-learning processes. He participates in the Universidad de la Tierra of Oaxaca and the Universidad Autónoma Comunal of Oaxaca.

Re-learning Hope: A Story of Unitierra (video documentary)

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