Strategies Beyond Borders: Tales of Time Banks

Come join us for an interactive session on “time banking”- a form of social-economic- political organizing that recognises that everyone has contributions to make and needs to fulfill. University Students and Faculty from New York and India who have already participated in setting up a time bank in their classroom will discuss their experience. The session will include an opportunity for participants to share offers and needs in small groups, using a condensed version of the Post Growth Institute's Offers and Needs Market (OANM) process.

We welcome all who are interested in exploring alternative projects that draw on the strength of the community to affirm the worth and value of each individual. Projects that are in contrast to the capitalist model of competition, extraction and exploitation, Projects that allow us to experience another way of living and being.

Date: Friday January 27th of 2023

Duration: 90 minutes

This webinar series, called "Learning for Alternative Futures", is co-organised by Ecoversities, Educere Alliance, Global Tapestry of Alternatives, PeDAGoG, Radical Ecological Democracy, The Alternatives Project and Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

More information

For background, have a look at the WEAVING ALTERNATIVES #08, specially "Collaboration across borders": comic and interview.

About the presenters

Melanie E L Bush

Melanie E L Bush is a professor of Sociology, Adelphi University; Senior Research Associate, Centre for Sociological Research and Practice, University of Johannesburg; Research Fellow, University of South Africa. She teaches and writes about topics such as race, nation, political economy, social movements and is active in many grassroots projects.

Pallavi Varma Patil

Pallavi Varma Patil is a faculty, School of Development, Azim Premji University, Bangalore India and teaches courses aligned with Gandhi-Tagore, Degrowth or Postgrowth visions. She has been teaching a course on Living Utopias with Sujit Sinha which is an exploration of counter currents of hope and action for an alternative vision of a good society.

Dani Leonardo

Dani is a facilitator, organizer and musician, with a background in Permaculture design and youth mentoring. Currently working as Director of Equity at the Post Growth Institute, Dani brings a grounding in ecological wisdom, perspectives from the margins, and a centering in anti-oppressive practice. dani’s work centers around collaboration, co-liberation, creativity and justice.