Events and GTA presence

6th International Degrowth Conference (Malmo, Sweden) / August 2018

Two sessions on the proposal for an Earth Vikalp Sangam (EVS) / Global Alternatives Confluence (GAC) were organised during the International Degrowth Conference in Malmo, Sweden. .About 40 people attended each of these sessions, several of them representatives of various networks, diverse initiatives, groups, and social movements. The sessions had stimulating discussions on what is an alternative, need of the EVS/GAC process, underlying principles that could be/should be used, and a possible structure. The discussions very mostly open-ended and exploratory since it was just the beginning.


Download Report2018. 08. 21 – GTA Malmo Sessions Degrowth Conference

The First North-South Conference on Degrowth (Mexico City, Mexico DF) / September 2018

Building upon the discussions at the Malmo degrowth conference, the session organized in the Decrecimiento-Degrowth Conference in Mexico City revolved around the eligibility criteria/principles of alternatives, the structure and mechanisms of the initiative and its values. The alternatives questionning patriarchy, capitalism, racism, the state, anthropocentrism and other inter-related structures of oppression would be eligible to be a part of the iniative. The structure should be open, democratic and flexible but have a logistical core team to help foster the process. The initiative should be based on mutual learning with respect for diversity, solidarity and mutual support and collective visioning. The session was also useful to gather the contact details of interested observers.

Development Days 2019:

Repositioning Global Development: Changing Actors, Geographies and Ontologies in Helsinki, Finland / February 2019

The Global Tapestry of Alternatives (GTA) in collaboration with the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies participated in two sessions during the Finnish Social Forum about dialogues on systemic alternatives and building alliances between local, radical alternatives. This led to discussions about mapping strategies and connecting alternatives within a Nordic alliance that could be integrated into the wider World Social Forum process.

Three events related to the Global Tapestry of Alternatives were held late February/early March in Helsinki:

A seminar called “Systemic Alternatives to Unsustainable Development” was organised on the 27/02/2019 by the Finnish Society for Development Research, the Siemenpuu Foundation and the University of Helsinki – during which Ashish Kothari held a keynote presentation called “Towards a Just and Sustainable World” folllowed by a panel discussion with other Finnish researchers/activists.
(Y despues podrias poner los vinculos).

The following day, Ashish gave another talk on Radical Ecological Democracy which was followed by a tribute to Berta Caceres, remarks by activist Ruby Van Der Wekken and a talk by Rosalba Icaza Garza on Decoloniality (y despues podrias poner los vinculos).

A working group was also organised during the conference around the topic “Towards a Global Confluence of Alternatives” during which Marta Musić presented her current research on the Pluriverse and processes of convergence of alternatives.

Development Days 2019:

Repositioning Global Development: Changing Actors, Geographies and Ontologies in Helsinki, Finland / February 2019

The Global Tapestry of Alternatives (GTA) was represented during the Systemic Alternatives Symposium co-organized by EDGE Funders Alliance which brought together 60 activists from 38 countries for 3 days in order to continue fostering systemic alternatives throughout the world.