GTA is a “network of networks”. Each of those networks acts in different parts of the planet by identifying and connecting Alternatives. They are the Weavers.

The following are the networks that currently weaves the Global Tapestry of Alternatives.

Vikalp Sangam (India)

Vikalp Sangam (Alternative Confluence) is based in India. It's an ongoing process that started in the year 2014. It aims at bringing together practitioners, thinkers, researchers, and others working on alternatives to currently dominant forms of economic development and political governance. The endeavor is to create a space to come together, dream and deliberate towards an alternative future.

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Crianza Mutua (Mexico)

Crianza Mutua is a network process that takes place in Mexico and Colombia. It's inspired by Zapatismo and emerged within the autonomous Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca, Mexico. It seeks to identify, document and connect groups through communal webs that are actively dismantling hierarchies in everyday life, putting principles of sufficiency into practice and constructing and extending their autonomy from the market and the State.

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