Assembly #05 - 03/10/2022

Assembly #05 - 03/10/2022

Date and time

  • Date: 03/10/2022
  • Time: 1pm GMT

Video and audio

English recording


Notes of the meeting

New weavers:

We have two new endorsers:

  • Academic of democratic modernity
  • Greenpeace International

Donnie (Post Growth Institute) proposes the Diverse Economies Solidarity Economies Collective as a GTA supporter. Robert or Donnie can do an intro to Dr. Caroline Shenaz Hossein who is a co-founder:


New periodical on social movements and alternatives. Requesting members to share contributions and also suggest themes for upcoming periodicals. Another request is for endorsers to share updates from their end regarding activities, events, etc to post in the periodical.

Resilience docs:

Vol III is to come to fruition by this year-end. The themes are:

  • Building forms of resilience and transformative alternatives in conflict regions and war zones
  • Resilience of refugees / displaced peoples (and stateless peoples, border communities) in areas they are displaced to with/without their host populations
  • Climate crisis resilience - mitigation and adaptation by communities in agriculture (farming, pastoralism, fisheries), water, forestry, shelter, disaster management, landscape level governance, etc
  • Resilience experiences in cities and urban contexts, a way of counteracting the imaginary that alternatives always imply going out and building outside
  • Constructing & re-constructing local forms of governance as a response to Nation-state
  • Food security and sovereignty: agriculture, pastoralism and fisheries sovereignty localisation, commons

around 1200-1500 words but it could be longer. And our deadline for submission is 15th November. If there any contributions anyone would like to share, please reach out to Shrishtee or Urvi.

GTA Mapping:

The collaborative process to work on the map as open technology has started and endorsers have commenced the work of adding their information, updates, events, activities etc.

Next May, a new update of mapping resilience stories etc on this platform. Right now we are working on integrating the current 2 volumes into the platform. The idea is to have distributed agency in building knowledge systems as such.


Meeting on the 7th of October to discuss new updates, workshops, webinars, etc. Melanie, Pallavi is planning to curate a workshop on time banking exercise along with the Post-Growth institute (Offer and needs market), in the first week of December 2022.

Criteria and definitions regarding 'what is an alternative'

The process of this started at the beginning of this year to identify common criteria among weavers in order to approach new weavers. Each weaver is autonomous but this was needed to have more clarity in the weaving process.

It is a living and evolving document, so requesting people to go through it and suggest additions or changes if any.

Mauricio: We want to share this with organisations at CM Mexico and get to understand their resonance in their day-to-day activities by this year-end.

Possibility of having a physical gathering for GTA Assembly next year:

It would be good to have an idea of endorsers’ agendas for next year to avoid overlapping

PGI would like to be a part of the planning group.

GTA Assembly as a political subject (taking stands, supporting movements, solidarity and beyond) To come to a collective consensus on political activities by issuing statements and support movements as GTA, is that something people feel might be complicating our networking process?

Robert: I acknowledge the gravity of this consideration. it is valid to become a political body that show solidratity to various causes across the world. but equally we are equally continuing to see how political subjects that are centered on alternatives, often face intimidation and suppression. which then makes the work we do ever more so precarious. acknowledging this complexity of this matter. Simone: Not a very good idea, would also need a more institutional structure to take rapid decisions on that. It is a growing process, and the dialogue in this process is more important than having to fix on a very firm position. It would not be very appropriate for this kind of body to take a stance as such. Donnie: The new economy coalition has a method that, states by we propose to support something and heres 24 hours to respond to it. So case by case basis, any group can veto. It is just another strategy for this group without having to take a week in the decentralised process.

Franco: I personally reject the idea that GTA takes apolitical status. One is because GTA is not an organisation or institution. It is not to establish a strong identity. Second, we could proceed by promoting members, endorsers, etc to support or be aware of movements globally. Third, i have my doubts of how useful are these political actions, we may need a collective dialogue on these political statements.

Mauricio: We should open another space to dialogue what it means to sign a political statement as GTA. At GTA we should become a platform that gives information about what is happening. That information comes from grassroots.

Arturo: As GTA we could probably sign some political statements that are important to the assembly but it is important to know where the information is coming from.

Robert: i too agree with Mauricio about open up explorations to deliberate what it are strategies that the GTA can demonstrate and practice solidarity with communities across the globe. alternative strategies Steven: There are so many political issues that need signing and people supporting them, it could overwhelm us. I am not speaking against this but it could occupy a lot of our time.

Ashish: We will not move on with this in a hurry. For the moment, we retain not signing as GTA but we enable endorsers to take a stance on the political statement. Let us think of various ways to provide support too.

Reconstitution of Assembly Facilitation team

We need to reconstitute the Facilitation team so that the planning of assembly and gatherings goes just beyond the GTA core team. Please send us an email if you wish to be a part of this process. Working group for Radical Alternatives Encounter

Ashish: This is to have communities who practice radical democracy and autonomy in different parts of the world come together in a physical gathering sometime next year or maybe even 2024. The Kurish movement people and ADM are both excited by this and have promised to collaborate on this. But let us know your thoughts in this.

Steven: It is wonderful. Mobile connects and physical gathering as such would be very useful and worthwhile.

Franco: I am personally trying to get some connection for the roadtrip happening by the zapatistas next year, so we could connect this in someway.

Next meeting

Mid January