GTA Assembly - Kenya 2023

GTA Assembly - Kenya 2023

Date and place



Four critical threads:

  1. Reflect upon which GTA world we are located in - which alternatives/territories are we located (taking into consideration the diversity of alternatives according to the different territories and the internal diversity).
  2. Centering grassroots movements and weavers and acknowledging power dynamics - by putting at the center grassroots movements and then weaving outward with other endorsers and core groups.
  3. Building connection, collaboration and alternatives together, consider the document of Weavers criteria that we are building in GTA and nurture in the Assembly.
  4. All of us reflecting upon our own doing in a dialogue that weaves together (not as an academic but as owners of our own process) - gender, culture, race, class, ability, linguistic, etc. Acknowledging the diversity and how people are constructing their alternatives to take care of life in different ways according to the struggles they face and the varied types of resources they can access.

Programme general structure

Current elements of the plan are four-fold but open to change:

  • Day 1 - Getting to know each other and GTA
  • Day 2 - Nurturing weaving and cross-pollination to build global solidarity
  • Day 3 - Weaving the tapestry of alternatives and nourishing the GTA process going forward
  • Day 4 - Earthy steps and plans and closing

The last two days wild be devoted to the field visits:

  • Day 5 - Field visit to Tharaka Community
  • Day 6 - Field visit to Il Ngwesi Community Conservancy


GTA Video materials

Assembly audiovisual report (10')

Crianza Mutua Mexico post-assembly reflections (Spanish)

Reports and texts pieces

Other information

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