Global Tapestry of Alternatives- Newsletter

Global Tapestry of Alternatives- Newsletter

This page is to be used to define the contents and strategies for GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives's newsletters. Also planning of current and future newsletters.


  • The newsletter would be monthly
  • The distribution will be done via “observers mailing list”
  • Subscription access is already included in Contact Page.
  • To do
    • Need to define the visual design of the Newsletter and also test that looks good in all devices.
      • We should use a good responsive template as a base.
    • Collate all the content
      • approach the endorsers for news and updates
      • approach the endorsers for perspective pieces
      • putting all of it together
      • editing some of the content
      • designing the newsletter
      • circulating the newsletter

Structure of content

  • Header
    • GTA Logo
    • Date
      • Newsletter Number
  • Body
    • Section 1 - GTA:
      • Note from the core - kind of editoral section with GTA's background (intention, objective), why a newsltter- [max 3 paragraph]
      • GTA's definations on alternatives etc.
      • News item 1 from GTA (GTA's Covid statment)
      • News item 2 from GTA (About GTA webinars - after 3 atleast)
    • Section 2 - Weavers:
      • Brief updates from VS - [max 2 paragraph]
      • Brief updates from CM - [max 2 paragraph]
    • Section 3 - Endorsers:
      • New endorsers announcements
      • Endorsers main updates of the month - [max 6 items - only headings+links]
      • Fixed note: how to become an endorser and observer
    • Section 4- Stories and/or perspective pieces
      • Stories of responses to COVID
      • One or two topical perspective pieces from the endorsers and GTA core team
  • Footer
    • Legal notices (Copyleft)
    • Links to GTA website
    • contact points for more information to be mentioned
      • Unsubscribe mandatory links

Example newsletter