Showcases of Alternatives in COVID-19

Showcases of Alternatives in COVID-19

General idea

Produce a series of “thematic reports” showcasing real world examples coming from alternatives as a response to problems, crises and challenges in the context of global crises.

Each of the reports will include 6-8 stories across the world. These should be short stories with lessons and recommendations.

Publish one report every two months. July first week we come out with our first thematic document.

Production process

We make a list of initial few themes and another column of who among the endorsing organisations and individuals can contribute. We also list the other prominent people in these respective themes who can contribute providing context or references.

We check if, within the coregroup, members based on their interest can take up each theme and coordinate it. That way we might be more efficient and can come out with documents simultaneously. But this needs to be checked within the CG. A small honorarium can be paid to support this process.

The documents need to be produced in at least two languages, i.e. spanish and english.

We should reference the stories to existing films and other webiste materials available.

We should use these documents to also initiate weaving, conversation and dialogue among these stories contributors.

We also need to design these documents.


Listed on priority basis in the context of current crises.

  1. Food: agriculture, pastoralism and fisheries sovereignty localisation, commons
  2. Livelihoods
  3. Health
  4. Autonomy and Self-governance
  5. Energy
  6. Settlements
  7. Learning and education
  8. Water sovereignty


The finished reports are publicly available here.

Cases / Examples