2021 Webinars planning

2021 Webinars planning

“Alternatives in Pandemic Times: resistance, recovery and re-existence”

The workflow of the process is described in this shared document: https://pad.globaltapestryofalternatives.org/gta-webinars-template


Session Date Name(s) Topic
01 13/03 ? Feminist alternatives to the “new normality”
02 04/06 ? The Covid Crisis in Chile and Community Alternatives from Below
03 02/07 ? Confronting COVID 19 with dignity and strength: Resilience of small-scale fisheries in Costa Rica

Ideas for sessions of last year that we didn't run:

Session Date Name(s) Topic Timezone Contact
- - COSTA RICA Fisheries? ??
- - Cludia and Anasuya Whose Knowledge?
- - Pooven Moodley Earthrise??
- - Trudy Juriansz Global Ecovillage Network ?
- - Sol Trumbo Vila and Erick Palomares Transformative Cities