Core meeting - 8th January 2021

Core meeting - 8th January 2021


Recent updates

Year planning and upcoming actions

Activities and projects for 2021

Activities and projects for 2021 and allocation of budget for specific activities - brainstorming (Current budget detail:

Some ideas that have been shared so far:

  • Allocate an amount to support each of the current Weavers (from Gustavo's proposal)

  • Ashish: we would like to request about US$5000 from the budget, for a full time person in Kalpavriksh to handle various aspects of the GTA, including help with mapping in Asia and possibly Africa, more active and regular contact with endorsers/weavers, weaving the South Asia Vikalp Sangam and South-East asia alternative processes, helping with pre/post production of online sessions.
    • NEXT: To be included in the new version of the 2021 budget with more details

  • Allocate resources to support current weavers specific actions and also have a pool of resources to engage new weavers. (from Gustavo's proposal)
    • NEXT: Gustavo will prepare a more detailed proposal for next core meeting

  • Allocate a fixed ammount to support online encounters of Weavers (from Gustavo's proposal)
    • NEXT: To be included in the new version of the 2021 budget with more details

  • Organize some kind of seminar for the core and endorsers to promote deeper debates and analysis

  • Start internal sessions to discuss topics
    • NEXT: Franco will contact Ana Cecilia to active her proposal and move it forward, also with others. First topic would be the one about “collective writing and pluriversal approaches”

  • Allocate 10% of a year's budget to Unitierra/CEDI for funds operational costs
    • NEXT: Approbed.

  • Continue to support the documentation and sharing of weavers' stories through interactive media that can be shared in different formats and languages:
    • This includes collective writing projects, publishing innitiatives like Color Tierra, by the weavers avoiding “Narcisismo epistocrático”. Not an individual project but collective writing and shared ownership where the GTA is supporting weavers.
    • Additionally, we as GTA should initiate our own writing on self-reflection from our experiences of weaving through CM and VK as we have discussed before. One example is an analysis of how weaving processes have worked.
    • NEXT: formulate this collective publishing proposal in a more specific way in order to allocate specific resources

  • Should we be trying to keep some money for a gathering of the core group in Mexico in January 2022 in association with the next WSF
    • NEXT: to be discussed in future meeting.

  • Formulate a council/board of Endorsers to engage more active participation.
    • NEXT: draft proposal in text and circualte it among Core to have something more concrete about this idea in the next core meeting.

Participation in EZLN proposal

Participation/Connection with this:

Gustavo suggested individual endorsement mentioning affiliation, but we can't sign as GTA since we don't have representation.

Ashish suggested to circulate this document and proposal among Endorsers to engage more signers.

Next meeting

Next meeting: Saturday 6th Feb at same time, 3 UTC. We will do a second session to allow participation from Christine from NZ.