GTA's Core meeting - Mar 6th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - Mar 6th 2021

Present: Amy, Ashish, Shrishtee, Nisha, Gustavo, Franco, Marta, Upamanyu, Vasna, Ana Cecilia, Alex


1. Welcome new members... Summarize and recap

New members: Nisha and Upamanyu. Alejandra was absent this time.

2. New endorsers

Already Proposed:

  • MingaNet - support given over email to invite them as endorsers
  • TierrActiva - support given over email to invite them as endorsers
  • International Movement for Monetary Reform - decision to wait on a request for endorsement. There are potential areas of synergy but this requires further discussion.


  • International Collective in Support of Fishworkers - agreement that Ashish will invite them to endorse GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives
  • Anitra Nelson (Australian author on Degrowth etc)-agreement that Ashish will invite her to be an individual endorser

3. Updates on funding

FCF Report

Franco working on a draft and will circulate to the core group to comment in the next few days.

Edge Fund

( updates - interested in supporting GTA and global processes in some way. They are not funders themselves but a network of philanthropic organisations. Gustavo, Franco and Sofia (co-Excutive Director)had a conversation. Firstly, can provide support for an internal webinar with the philanthropic organisations so we can present GTA to potential funders. Appreciated the non-Anthropocentric approach of the GTA.Next steps is another discussion with Sophia. Prepare a script/presentation with many voices showing the ethos of GTA. They will help to refine the script and prepare for the meeting with organisations. Secondly, Sofia suggested a list of other funders that GTA had not considered.


  • new draft will be circulated soon by AC…to Franco, Vasna and Shristee
  • Started the project proposal during the last months of 2020. The main objective is visualization and art oriented, based on the mapping open technologies we are developing from GTA. It would be based in academia funding, GTA would be the main partner. The advanced draft previous of submitting would be circulated very soon by Ana.

Swedish Research call updates

  • Call on Civil Society processes. Max 4 years. We already have a initial draft, but deadline it's very soon (15th March)

Reflections and comments:


Updates on roadmap and funding. Important that we are intentional in our applications for more funding and ensure that this is in line with where we (who is we?) want GTA to go and how fast we can proceed, based on our own capacities. This is something we need to discuss further.

How this activities fit in the long term vision of the GTA? Avoid isolated activities and innitiatives.

WHO IS GTA?: is the core team GTA? we need to continue conversation of this and get more clarification.

How do we strengthen our international constituency?

Support and expansion of regional weavers.

Ana and Franco started to draft a plan to promote a weaving process in Europe from TAOH's project. How to connect that with Zapatistas visit to Europe. Gustavo and Marta are connected to that and can help.

4. Updates on/from core team members

4.1 New members, old members... subgroups? categories?

  • Coumba to be dropped since not being active.
  • Simon status? need to re-connect.

4.2 Dialogue of Global Processes

  • Had 2 meetings during the past month with 5 or 6 global processes. We should move to understand each other better in order to organize more specific stuff. Based on that exchange, explore the posibility of building a “common understanding declaration”.
  • If we want to keep this process and activity continues, we may need to request for funding for this. EDGE could be an option.
  • Possible action: a serie of online dialogues to explores the sinergies and common topics.
  • We would do a monthly meetings.

4.3 COVID resilience reports

  • VASNA: first report with 9 cases. Sent to the organizations for feedback, but they are not responding. Will contact by phone. Presetation will be made at Degrowth conference in the Hague in collaboration with Gaia Foundation.
  • SHRISHTEE: second report updates. Got 9 to 10 cases. People who participated in webinars, also from Crianza Mutua. USA is missing.

4.4 Events!

  • Invitation to GTA partipate in event in May -Ben Parry (endorser of GTA), bath spa uni, uk - from 10th - 21st May. Would be online. (more info sent my Ana by email). Ana can participate in the session, would be great if others join to enrich that session.
  • Degrowth conference proposal, September? Marta already prepared a draft:\_Resilience\_Abstract\_(DG\_Conf)-keep-keep)

5. Regional baskets proposals

    • Maybe to early to split in regional baskets.
    • How to include the participation in the online meetings of persons like Christine. Maybe organize specific meeting with her.
  • GUSTAVO: I agree with both suggestions.

6. Internal Seminar next session: date and theme

Saturday 20/3 or 27/3

Topic: Pluriversal perspectives and collective knowledge creation.

The issue of transcending the dichotomy between “narratives and knowledge from below” and “academic knowledge” (allegedly universal and from a neutral/rational standpoint). How do we, from GTA, can reconnect those realms and build knowledge from the grassroots with a deep, rigorous and eclectic approach?

TO DO: Ask to Patricia and improve the topic with more details.

  • After the meeting Patricia confirmed 27/3 as the prefered date.

7. Next core meeting

Saturday 10th April - 3pm GMT