GTA's Core meeting - June 9th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - June 9th 2021

1. Check in!

We did a round of updates and check-ins.

2. Endorsers

2.1 New endorsers

  • The Alternative Project
  • Fifth Empire project
  • Program on Alternative Development of UP CIDS (insted of ARENA)

2.2 Updates and review?

  • COMPAS Africa (contacted by Simon, waiting for response): Simon to send information on the group to GTA list and then take it forward
    • NISHA: Check this in detail, seems to be not suitable as Endorser
    • SIMON will share more information of COMPAS by email and others will be able to comment and share their views about it.
  • Africa Earth Jurisprudence Collective (suggested by Simon, waiting response):
    • Confirmed already by the network
  • US Food Sovereignty Alliance - -
    • Alex has already contacted and the response is pending from the network

3. GTA assembly definition

Detailed proposal:

We will continue improving and refining the proposal, specially the methodology

4. Facilitation team expansion and more collaboration

  • list of tasks and dividing responsibilities in a clearer way
  • The current facilitation team to meet up and do the full listing of tasks and then share with the group to seek for volunteers for some tasks.

5. Presence incorporate social media presence?

There is no general agreement on a general presence on social media, but we agreed to start a Twitter account of GTA handled by Ana Cecilia.

6. Planning a meeting of Crianza Mutua and Vikalp Sangam

CM will met on next saturday and will present the idea of a common dialogue with VS. Planned date is mid July.

7. Hiring a translator?

  • Decide on which languages?
  • Create a list with translators on retainer (for text translation and oral translation)
  • Do we need support with website translation?

Alex will look for options of translators to be hired

8. Funding

Results and outcomes of EDGE's webinar

No contacts after the webinar. We will contact EDGE again and ask for the recording of the session. Franco will continue the other options of collaboration initialy offered by Sofia.

AHRC project updates

Next week we will circulate the draft letter about the GTA as partner of the project, to be signed by someone in the core team.

9. Long term plans

Reflections meeting? Planning for a year or two. Broader picture of number of initiatives and activities

Mid july instead of Internal Seminar

10. Events:

  • Reminder Online-Congress ‘Limits, possibilities and perspectives of global change and global solidarity to build a better practice’, organised by Berlin-based BUKO Network ( who are they: See: Two speakers from GTA core group will be there: Ashish (Saturday and ACD (close, Sunday). Programme:
  • Zapatistas in Europe: fundraising! see below an Eventbrite link to a webinar on Thursday 17th June, 5pm to 7pm. Inaugural event in our summer series celebrating the Zapatista 'Journey for Life' to Europe. register:
  • our own GTA webinar for the Zapatistas' visit to the UK: Confirmed: 1st of July from 14-16h (BST)chaired by Shelda Smith. Convenor: Anthony Faramelli. He is a member of the planning committee for the Z. visit to the UK. Before their visit, they are organising a series of webinars in June and July about the importance of the movement. The plan for the webinars is twofold: first to highlight the significance of their visit to the UK and second to help raise money (by donation) to fund their visit. We'd need an abstract and a GTA bio for promotional materials and decide who will participate with ACD…
  • Presentation in degrowth conference (August 24th-28th)
    • Confirm who will attend in person and who will attend online - Vasna, Marta, Ana Cecilia and ? in person
    • Discuss whether we have a small budget for this

11. Book project updates?

A smaller group will explore this and put an idea to the whole core group - Vasna, Ana and Alejandra, Arturo?

The team should prepare a short note about the idea.

12. Mapping:

Scheduled a full session for core team to understand the concept, process, plans on Wednesday 23th at 15.00 UTC

13. Next internal seminar session

Topic: Rights, Freedom and Autonomy Critical perspectives on “Rights” and “Human Rights” Date and time: Saturday 3th July at 15.00 UTC

Facilitation: Franco and Gustavo

14. Next core meeting

On July 9th - 15.00 UTC

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