GTA's Core meeting - Aug 3th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - Aug 3th 2021

  • Note taker: Upa, Marta and Franco
  • Facilitator: Franco
  • Participants: Ashish, Shrishtee, Nisha, Alex, Gustavo, Franco, Upa, Marta, Ana Cecilia

1. Check-in and updates

Quick round of updates and defining roles for this meeting.

2. Endorsers update

Cara Judea Alhadeff

PhD. Program Director, Jews Of The Earth.

  • Marta: doubts about the organization being Zionist (even if they're “progressive” Zionist), as they believe in the existence of a Jewish State (Israel?)(and the GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives stands against nationalist violence, ethnonationalism and statism)
  • AC: needs clarification on the position on Palestine and Israel
  • Franco: it's for an individual endorsement
  • Ashish: the book has been endorsed by Chomski and [include name here], so I think it's safe. Unless she is pro-Jewish State and anti-Palestine, is it an issue? Does she reflect GTA's anti-colonial position?
  • Nisha: same question about relationships to the Zionist state. We need to check the re-endorsement with Chomsky and the rabbi. There is a concern about this endorser. What is GTA's position on Palestine?
  • We can do more research on this before the next meeting.

US Food Sovereignty Alliance

  • Alex: The organisation said they would come back after discussing with their internal committee, no reply yet.


Daniela and Stefano -

  • Vasna contacted them from GTA and set up a call to find out more about them. Also ask to see the documentary that they produced.
  • Vasna not here, so we will ask for her feedback on next meeting.

Systems Change Alliance

  • Systems Change Alliance: they also invite us to be part of their network, see:
  • Likewise, I would also like to invite GTA to become members of the Systems Change Alliance. You can see a list of current members here: There is also no financial commitment, and we try to support our members as much as possible through amplification of their work on social media and newsletters, interviews, organizing members meetings to help make connections, participation at our conferences, and are always open to ideas for collaborations.
  • Maybe invite them to the Global Processes Dialogue
  • GTA can possibly partner them, may not make sense to be a member, since GTA is a process. Alex will follow up.

3. Updates on the Global Processes Dialogue

From Franco:

  • Vasna coordinating with Pierre and Eva but unable to make it today - will ask for update later
  • Will be launched publicly soon + website
  • Upcoming general meeting. Date not set yet, Andrea has been hired to do some coordination
  • Each process covers part of salary (pool of ressources) - GTA will dedicate 1000 USD
  • Tentative public name, ADELANTE (TBC in the next meeting) and some COP26 discussions happening.

From Ashish:

  • COP26 will be a major discussion in the next meeting
  • BRICS's activity. See Ashish's today email. The issue with BRICS is sub-imperialism, so there is a parallel people's forum organized as a side event when BRICS meets. Open invitation to participate.

Degrowth Conf

August 24th-28th 2021 in The Hague.

Marta and Vasna are not going to travel. The GTA presentation will be full virtual. Not details about the programme, but GTA will have two presentations. Marta will send an email when she hears back from the organizers.

ACD, Alex and Gustavo also be there in “digital format”.

We can collect all the participations and create a common agenda in publish is as a common agenda in our website (as we did with WSF)

4. Updates from the GTA Assembly

Plans for first assembly: 11nd September, 2pm GMT

Ashish: out of 50 endorsing org, 15-20 agreed to be in the Assembly (7-8 said they don't have capacity). Everyone seemed to think it's a good idea.

Invitation was sent two days back.

Broadly agenda is to discuss the name, how often it should meet, how it will work and who else to involve. People will spend more time sharing what they are doing bc many don't know each other.

Decide on 2-3 functions of the GTA (note-taking, moderation and translation). Need to find a translator (english-spanish, spanish-english at least)

5. Review of core members list

Check unactive core members and decide on updates.

Coumba Toure, Enric Duran, Injairu Kulundu (though with the last one I don't recall the last decision … Shrishtee was in touch with her, can report)

Action point: move them from the core team members to “former members”

Suggestions for new members: Marina Sitrin. Gustavo wrote to her a few days ago and waiting for response.

Ashish: mapping of the GTA core team member (in terms of geographical, indigenous, and age :)

Action point: Marta will do the mapping + roles and responsibilities

Follow up on the conversation around a better division of roles and responsibilities within the GTA

6. Funding and Finances


  • The year report for Swift Foundation is in December.
  • Full Circle? - Franco: we did it at the beginning of this year (and it's a yearly report).

Confence payment for GTA

Ana Cecilia received an invoice for £500 to be paid for the GTA's online participation in the Climate Change Action Conference (Ben Parry, BathSpa, UK) and will get paid on the 6th of august ..Advice??. AC: Vasna, Shrishtee, Ashish and AC participated in the panel at the conference and got 600 euros/700 USD

Franco: I propose we use it as part of the GTA's contribution to the global processes to cover Andrea's salary.

Action point: talk to Pierre and Eva and, once they are informed, we can send the money to Andrea. Franco will coordinate with Ana C.

Edge Alliance

Continuing the connections facilitated with EDGE Alliance.

  • Franco is following up with Sofia from EDGE - one person is interested and Sofia will put us in touch
  • Franco and Gustavo will have a call in the next few days with someone from The Christensen Fund. Ashish: ICCA Consortium collaborated with them, was a good experience.

7. Communication/dissemination

TWITTER ACCOUNT: @global_tapestry. Let us explore again the benefits of having this account if core members don't have a peronal account. The idea of twitter is to disseminate, so…

AC: Ashish, Shrishtee, Marta have personal accounts. I don't know how to share this account.

Ashish: Upa could help us get info on twitter accounts of our endorsers (organisations and individuals)

8. Next meeting

Next internal seminar session will be on Friday 27th. Apologies from ACD, she will be on holidays

Next core meeting: Friday September 3rd at 3:00pm GMT? YAY! :). Marta will facilitate