GTA's Core meeting - Sep 3th 2021

GTA's Core meeting - Sep 3th 2021

  • Note takers: Franco, Nishara
  • Facilitator: Marta
  • Participants: Ashish, Shrishtee, Marta, Franco, Nishara, Gustavo, Upamanyu

1. Check-in and updates

Quick round of updates and defining roles for this meeting.

2. Endorsers update

Needs definition

from previous call, we need to take a final decision):

  • Cara Judea Alhadeff, PhD. Program Director, Jews Of The Earth.
  • ACTION: Nisha will collect information and share in the mailing list to take a final decision.
  • US Food Sovereignty Alliance
  • ACTION: Agreed to take out of our pending list since we don't are getting response from them since more than 3 months.
  • Alterrative - Daniela and Stefano -
  • ACTION: We will ask Vasna to provide text feedback from her conversation with them, so we can make a decision.

2. GTA Assembly preparations

  • 11nd September, 2pm GMT Roles:
    • opening: Ashish/Shrishtee/Vas
    • moderator:
    • note takers and documentation: Franco
    • presents: Ashish, Gustavo, Franco, UD, Vasna, Nisha, Shrishtee, Marta TBC
  • Translation?: we have some options, need a final confirmation

3. Re-schedule Internal Seminar session

  • Because of reduced participation, we decided to postpone it.
  • NEW DATE: Friday 24/9 → 3 pm UTC

Upcoming events next week:

4. Core team status and expansion

  • Updates from Members mapping by Marta, responses missing from Africa members and others. Will share once is completed.
  • We recently talked about expanding the current core team members. Ideas to tackle this:
    • 1. Current members could take more action and responsability. We could a specific session on this.
    • 2. Devote resources to support one more person
    • 3. Invite trusted persons that could join the core team, since we currently have a low number than usual and many of us have low capity because of personal issues.
    • 4. Identify and approach people from the Assembly and endorsers.
  • Specific situtation
    • Alejandra status needs to be defined

5. Funding

Budget 2021

Details are here:

  1. We have resources we have not allocated - 5000 USD
  2. We allocated 18 000 USD to a physical meeting to a physical meeting in Mexico
  3. We allocated the travel costs of 18 000 USD, but we didn't get that resources.
  4. FCF budget is allocated fully.


  1. Use part of the resources to cover translation work
  2. Postpone de physical gathering until we got the resources to cover it.

FCF's proposal to renew grant for 2022

  • The question is if we will finish FCF funding in March 2022
  • And if we will apply for the next round next year?

We agree to reapply to FCF for more funding for activities and staff. Facilitation team will meet and identify activities and report to CG.

Next actions:

  • Ashish - Will call FCF and alert them we will reapply. Discuss activities at next CG meeting
  • Apply to FCF in Jan/Feb 2022.
    • will discuss in facilitation team in the upcoming weeks

EDGE Alliance process

We are still expecting to get funding from Edge Alliance?

Franco and Gustavo had a conversation with contact from Christiansen Fund. THey are not allocating donations for 2021. The same with other potential funder that emerged from EDGE.


  • Franco will send an email to keep conversation going and alert us when open again
  • Franco and Gustavo will continue conversaton with Sofia
  • Planet Hope project, leaded by Ana Cecilia, funding application in UK almost ready. GTA partner will be for 5 year project.
  • Keep track of what we need to present to what funder as reports and deadlines.

6. Globlal Processes updates - ADELANTE

Franco reported on current status, mainly on the communication aspects. Upcming meeting to define next actions. Vas can report back to CG with more updates.

7. Recent events updates

  • Degrowth conference
    • We had some complications from our side coordination. Ashish, Vasna and Shrishstee saved the day.
    • Ashish presentation went well. A lot if interest on GTA from second session.
    • Shrishtee -I was part of both the sessions
    • And they went really well despite few people joining
    • Gta is seen as am important process
    • For connecting diverse groups and networks, So lots of responsibility 😃
    • For the first session we have sharing on resilience document stories and second one was on GTA

8. Mapping

Suspended for now as developers not paid. Will resume development this month, after a delay in payments to developers because of an issue with the bank in Mexico.

Meeting with endorsers interested and doing mappings, on October. Keep momentum going 2 processes.

Two types of involvment of Endorsers:

  1. Mapping of endorsers - all of them involved since they are already featured in our website
  2. Endorsers with own mapping efforts, plan meeting with group 2 in October.

9. Next meeting

Next internal seminar session #5, was re-schedule. Friday 24/9 → 3 pm UTC

Next core meeting: Friday October 1st at 3pm UTC

  • Main topic: GTA's next year plans and general reflection on the process