GTA's Core meeting - March 24nd 2022

GTA's Core meeting - March 24nd 2022

  • Note taker: Vasna, Franco
  • Facilitator: Franco
  • Participants: Vasna, Ashish, Shrishtee, Arturo, Amy, Marta, Mauricio, Nisha, Franco

1. Check-in and updates

Round of updates!

2. Endorsers update

Check status:

  • Vasna would like to suggest International League of People's Struggles who are co-hosting the COP26 event. Decide was postponed after COP26.
    • Update: process very slow, they will take some to define.

Vasna had a meeting with the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. They do not endorse networks but are interested in collaborating with GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives. The most immediate action could be around the Stockholm+50 event. We have been in touch with Michael Poland and the suggestion is that after the Adelante meeting tomorrow we consider if we participate in Stockholm+50 with them.

3. Gustavo's tribute

A. Public online Activity?

Agreement that we have a public event where we invite someone Gustavo's close friends - Wolfgang Sachs, Sylvia Marcos(?), Vandana Shiva,Ashish Nandi, Alberto Acosta, younger people that Gustavo has mentored, people from Oaxaca, Grimaldo ?, I can't correctly spell all the names- help!, someone from the Zapatista movement,

Word of the memorial could be friendship. A lot of messages of friendship.

A reflection on friendship:In Celebration of Gustavo's Life (practice and deeds)

Note from Nicole that she wants to be very close to any event about Gustavo. We should include her. Starting with a talk or letter about our proposal.

Vasna: Proposal that we consider this as an event over three time periods so we have something acorss timezone and languages. We have three events over a time period with common presentations from Unitiera and GTA about Gustavo's vision.

Could take one as fully online and another as hybrid. The first event could be early in April and the latter in the second week of May.

Potential date: After 06 May when the GTA members are in Oaxaca

Action: Small organising team and we include Nichole in this. Ashish, Mauricio, Arturo, Amy, Franco. The group will meet 4th April at 2pm UTC.

B. Mention in upcoming GTA Assembly

Proposal to have one of the core group say a few words about Gustavo and his role and vision for the GTA at the upcoming GTA Assembly on 31 March 2022 at 2pm GMT.

Agreement that Ashish will start by introducing something on Gustavo's role in GTA and then Arturo will speak followed by Amy and Shrishtee sharing their personal experiences.

C. Presence in GTA's website

Update this page:\_members

“Ancestral members in spirit” subsection - Ancestros y Ancestras

Ancestros/as, “they are still guiding us”

4. Activities in Mexico

4.1. WEEK 1: GTA in the WSF Mexico

Next steps:

  • Write to all Endorsers to ask who will be phisically in the WSF. Ashish has done this and getting some responses from people who are interested in any online/hybrid events we organise.
  • Conform a small team to take care of GTA's in WSF: Vasna, Ashish, Shrishtee, Nisha, Mauricio
  • Phisically presence in CDMX: Mauricio, Ashish, Shrishtee, Vasna
  • WSF Agenda: Day 1 - Global March, day2-4 self-organised parallel sessions, Day 5 - Assemblies Day, Day 6 - Agora and a plan from WSF

4.2. WEEK 2: GTA's core gathering

Need to RECONFIRM this!

Main data about the gathering:
* 5 days:

  • During the 2nd week of May. Plan to travel to Oaxaca on 07 May.
  • One part located in Unitierra Oaxaca (in Oaxaca city) and other part in a Community.
  • One day for the memorial for Gustavo
  • Potentially one day for a book launch on Crianza Mutua
  • Budget: Have assigned 20 000 USD for this gathering.
  • Mauricio has prepared a budget for the Oaxaca stay.
  • Need to figure out the budget required for travel for each person's flights. Look at homestay options for Mexico City.Ashish noted that we have two offers for homestays already.

Who would be able to participate in person from the Core Group:

  • Mauricio
  • Gustavo (in spirit)
  • Vasna: Flight approx USD900
  • Ashish (uncertain) approx 2000USD
  • Shrishtee (uncertain)
  • Franco approx
  • Alex
  • Xochitl


  • Marta
  • Angging, Arvin or Hans (budget support)
  • Nisha (budget support)

Who won't be able to participate:

  • Lina
  • Arturo (will be in MX in June)
  • Ana Cecilia

Who is not here and should be asked:

  • Marina
  • Christine
  • Simon

4.3. WEEK 3: Activiy in Chiapas?

Xochitl will prepare a proposal to take Core members to Chiapas.

Xochitl will send a proposed agenda for visiting Chiapas.

Mauricio will speak to Xochitl about this. Ashish and Shrishtee are definitely available. Vasna is not.

5. GTA's weavers criteria

Mauricio shared a draft document produced with Gustavo and Franco inputs.

Lina sent a document with criteria's CMC

Next in schedule:

  • April: conversation about CMC's criteria and (maybe) SouthEast network input - APRIL 9th - 2pm UTC
  • April: have the first version of the document of the criteria
  • May: Public presentation in WSF

Working group to prepare the draft by 15th April (just suggestion). Previous inputs: GTA's introductory note, VS Framework, Mauricio's note, Lina's note.

6. GTA's Assembly

Will take place 31st March.

Update on activities (mapping, webinar serieis, resilience docs, etc); memorial for Gustavo; hear from endorsers and discussion on WSF.

Welcome all the core group to join the GTA Assembly.

7. Other topics

  • Encounter about Healing between weavers: Unlikely to happen before the WSF. Need to give time to this activity and we have a lot in the next two months.
  • Collaborative webinars: Two collaborative webinar series happening this year. One with endorsing networks and the other through PEDAGOG.
  • Acervus Project: This is a project that Franco and Gustavo have been involved in.
  • Stockholm +50: GTA will definitely participate in a session organised by Tord Bjork. Shrishtee will be the speaker for GTA and Vasna will attend in person. There is an opportunity to collaborate with the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Agreement if we decided to do more for Stcokholm+50. This can be decided after the Adelante working group meeting tomorrow.
  • Induction of new core group members: Need a good landing process where we introduce new core group members to who we are and what we do. Vasna has also created an initial flow diagram for the GTA which will be circulated for inputs.

Need to revist the internal mapping of the core group and check where we want to bring in more core group members. The WSF may be a good moment to invite more core group members.

8. Next meetings

GTA Assembly : 31th March at 2pm UTC

Meeting for planning Gustavo memorial: 4th April at 2pm UTC.

Next GTA's weaving criterias meeting: 9th April - 2pm UTC

Next core meeting: Wednesday 20th April - 2pm UTC