GTA's Core meeting - June 10th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - June 10th 2022

  • Facilitator: Lina
  • Note taker: Franco
  • Participants: Lina, Mauricio, Angging, Arvin, Ashish, Shrishtee, Martha, Arturo E, Franco, Alex

Check-in and core team status

Core membership

  • Nisha
    • Contacted several times, didn't get any response. Seems to be ignoring.
    • Prpoposal: write her a final letter/email to communicate step down, open to a restart conversation in the future. Signed from Lina, Shrishtee and Vasna, following agreement from last core gathering.
  • Caroline
    • cannot continue because of her obligations. Remove her from list and public page.
  • Extend the core group except in looking for more indigenous and youth voices.
    • Reflect on the incorporation process.
    • We have decided to prepare an introductory GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives page (with details what demands from them, what it means to be in core team) for potential new members and they go into a process of induction.
    • Indigenous person involvement: ask her/him how she can be activelly involved?
      • Not only from LA.
    • The language issue is still a barrier for participation. Ideas to experiment with chat, simultaneous and consecutive participation.
  • Consider to organize a specific session among CG to debate about gender issues in the contxt of the GTA (based on Xochitl comment)
    • Take this to the upcoming assembly?
    • Maybe we need to clarify what are the concerns in the context of Core Team.
    • Shrishtee reminds that there was a refletion process ongoing. She will contact Xotchil

2. Endorsers update

Greenpeace International's people said they will push the endorsment forward. We expect some updates on this soon.

3. Outcomes of Oaxaca Gathering

4. ADELANTE's situation

Quick report: lack of activity of ADELANTE. We decided to try to reconnect and check status. Email from Ashish went out, not to much response.

A meeting from the whole ADELANTE is coming. If there is no way to revive it, don't push to much.

5. Assembly planning

Will take place on June 30th.

Facilitation team meeting on this next week will define further details. Updates soon.

6. Other updates

Greenpeace meeting

Meeting with Greenpeace regarding “Alternative Futures” ( innitiative. Se proposed to make it an horizontal platform and not a GP branded project.We are waiting for updates from their side. Other collaborations may emerge besides that project.


Webinars planning with partners:

  • Upcoming webinar in 8th July with Unitierra Oaxaca, as part of the session “Learning for Alternatives Futures”
  • Beyond Money webinar follow-ups: potential new session on alternative economy proposals. Pallav is leading. He also reported that the translators were bad, take into account that for future events.


FCF first grant report of 2020-2021 need to be presented by the end of this month. Franco is working on the report, will send the draft in the upcoming days.

Reports updates

Report #4 - Define theme and coordination

  • We got 2000 USD to cover coordination, design and other production tasks.
  • One of the Lund's interns, Leo Baumgärtner, would be interested in collaborating


Updates on Stockholm+50: Vasna was there, she presented the ADELANTE Manifesto and very good response about GTA. More inputs from VASNA is welcome!


Weavers must send updates to Stee and Urvi to be included in the next issue. Please do it ASAP!

7. Next meeting

Next core meeting: Monday 11th July - 2pm GMT