GTA's Core meeting - July 11th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - July 11th 2022

  • Note taker: Franco, Urvi
  • Facilitator: Ashish and Vasna
  • Participants: Mauricio, Arturo G, Arturo E, Vasna, Shrishtee, Arvin, Amy, Lina, Urvi, Ashish

1. Check-in and updates on core team

Core membership

Madhuresh Kumar (new member)

  • ACTION: Schedule a call with him for introduction and induction. Ashish and Stee will do so. :!:

Lebohang Llepollo Pheko

Other topics

  • Nisha and Caroline are no longer part of the core group.
  • Before the next meeting, it would be good to think of any young people (15-25 year olds) who could be part of the core group. Someone who is already engaged in organising in networks. :!:

2. Endorsers update

  • Greenpeace International
    • Consider it in their assembly
  • International League of People
    • Still pending…
  • La Via Campesina
    • Mauricio talked with VC members in MX, they have not been very strong in the recent years. Now they are oriented to be organized by local movements, not unions anymore. He shared with them about GTA.
    • Franco/Mauricio will continue the conversation and check GRAIN more formally.
  • ETC Group:
    • Several of us know members of the ETC Group and we will approach them. Vasna will start with Niclas Hallström.

3. New weavers updates

Updates from Germany

  • Meeting on 27th July
  • We need to define a clear “incorporation” process. The facilitation team will set up a meeting to discuss this before the meeting on 27th (include Marta who also plans to attend the meeting).


Updates from Brasil

  • Teia dos Povos network:
  • Franco has been having conversations with Renata Amorin. First about the mapping of PEDAGOG but also about processes in Brazil. Teia dos Povos seems to be a strong group and there are other groups that Gustavo suggesgted that could be connected.
  • Suggestion to explore this further with the Latin America GTA core group members.


4. ADELANTE's situation


  • Lack level of responses. Decide What's next?
  • GTA has been holding this. After the pandemic most of the members are very busy. They show interest, but not available.
  • Not funding for Andrea, the facilitator.
  • Vasna met Global Greeen New Deal. Very busy. Interested. Potential meeting in the end of July.
  • Progressive International, not responded. Ashish should contact David Adler.
  • G2G connected but very busy
  • Global Dialogue for System Change. Busy with ATTAC summer school. Will speak end of July.


  • Adelante is still an important avenue of action for GTA and for building more alignment between movements. It may be that after August we need to rethink how we engage Adelante but it is worth continuing.
  • One issue is generating resources for one person to anchor Adelante. GTA could potentially allocate some funding or search for specific resources for funding a dialogue with global processes.

ACTION: Franco will work in that application to get one person from GTA to do “Public Relations”. :!:

5. Second part of Core Gathering

As not so many of the core group was able to make it to Mexico, we would like to hold a second physical meeting.

Crianzas Mutuas Colombia had a meeting to discuss this along with the first gathering of CM Colombia. The idea is to have this at the end of January 2023. Plan could be 2 days of CM Colombia, a day for CM and GTA core group and then some days to visit some of the processes in Colombia in Cali and Manizales.

We have around 11.000 USD for the GTA core group meetng left (after Oaxaca) and 10.000 USD that CM Colombia has, where part can be used for this. The Tejido de Transicionantes process, represented here by Arturo “El Malo” Escobar plan to meet in the same moment to bring sinergies and resources.

Need to know if the dates work and how long would be possible for people.

End of January 2023 is the defined time. Specific dates needs to be defined.

ACTION: Lina will create a google doc so we can add how long people can stay. :!:

6. Reports status

Report #2

Will be ready this week.

ACTION: Publish and organize presentation. :!:

Report #3

Message from Stee:

  • Instead of thematic focus we have decided to continue with more general focus on the stories responding to crises and simultaneously rethinking the economic, social, political, cultural and ecological approaches to life. We intend to collaboratively document 10-12 stories by the end of this year. We will prepare more detailed note on it but in the meantime would request you all to send some ideas for story suggestions around the below listed themes. Of course don't feel bound by these themes, if you have additional theme and related story that should be covered, please feel free to suggest.
  • Building forms of resilience and transformative alternatives in conflict regions and war zones
  • Resilience of refugees / displaced peoples (and stateless peoples, border communities) in areas they are displaced to with/without their host populations
  • Climate crisis resilience - mitigation and adaptation by communities in agriculture (farming, pastoralism, fisheries), water, forestry, shelter, disaster management, landscape level governance, etc
  • Resilience experiences in cities and urban contexts, a way of counteracting the imaginary that alternatives always imply going out and building outside
  • Constructing \& re-constructing local forms of governance as a response to Nation-state
  • Food security and sovereignty: agriculture, pastoralism and fisheries sovereignty localisation, commons

ACTION: You can mark your responses to Urvi and Shrishtee. By early next week :!:

Report #4

  • Define theme and coordination
  • We got 2000 USD to cover coordination, design and other production tasks.
  • One of the Lund's interns, Leo Baumgärtner, would be interested in collaborating

ACTION: Still missing someone that wants to lead this project. Marina Sitrin showed interest. :!:

Report #5?

Collaboration with IBON International's Climate Justice Programme. A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 13th to discuss with IBON what they have in mind.

ACTION: Franco and Vasna will attend. Others welcome. They will report back. :!:

7. Other updates

  • GTA Facilitation Team meeting on July
    • ACTION: Meeting on 25th July :!:
  • Meeting with Greenpeace regarding “Alternative Futures” innitiative.
    • They have a similar process to GTA. A few core group members had a meeting.
    • Suggest presenting the document to the GTA core group
    • Meeting with GP: August 2nd. Ashish will communicate with them and finalise details
  • Webinars planning with partners
    • Publish Unitierra Webinar - video postproduction. Had about 150 people registered and at least 40 attended (problem with registration)
    • Have a webinar collaboration on learning but most of the work is being done by GTA for the logistics.
    • Next session is not planned but a meeting with the partners is scheduled.
  • Periodical: Weavers send updates to Stee and Urvi to be included in the next issue.
    • Finalising the most recent periodical and will soon complete. Articles edited and completed
    • Include comic section
  • GTA assembly outcomes
    • Upload recording!!
    • Urvi will share a report on the assembly soon.
    • Mentioned the plans for a GTA Assembly in person as something we would like to have in the second half of next year. Will start planning this now that it is announced.
  • Disobedient Futures unconference - Urvi and Vasna to update on invitation
    • Art initative based out of netherlands- unconference in JAN next year. Focus on many alternatives and it ties with with GTA's idea of finding other mediums. They will revert back with some planning and we'll take it from there.
  • Invitation to co-host Reworlding event with Grassroots2Global
    • To connect initiaves around the world
    • Virtual event
    • ACTION: Vasna has asked Eva to send a more detailed email to invite GTA :!:

Updates from Weavers


  • Encounter of healing is something planned for later this year
  • Also a pluritopias - also plan a publication on this
  • Agreement made in CM Mexico to have the next encounter on how we are eating in Vera Cruz.
  • The book project on CM Mexico - all the text is ready and is now being sent to the groups for feedback and contributions
  • There will be a summer gathering and Mauricio will share details as there will be translation.


  • CM Colombia had a meeting and it was focused on getting CM Colombia together and with GTA


  • VS had their facilitation meeting last week and focused on more facilitation of the sangams. Several confluences planned - the next on well-being and justice next week. Then indigenous worldviews in November and then one on youth on politics of ecological movements.

SouthEast Asia

  • A few updates from Southeast Asia: Tomorrow we'll have a program meeting to discuss how to somewhat concretize the ideas and conversations from the past SC meeting into a more tangible plan. From there, we'll relay these back and discuss it together with the Steering Committee. :D We'll share these developments of course!

8. Next meeting

Next core meeting: Monday 15th August - 14.00 UTC