GTA's Core meeting - August 26th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - August 26th 2022

  • Note taker: Vasna
  • Facilitator: Shrishtee
  • Participants: Arturo E, Arturo G, Franco, Shrishtee, Ashish, Urvi, Madhuresh, Angging, Amy, Vasna

1. Check-in and updates on core team

Apologies from Marina who could not join today.

2. Endorsers update

Academy of Democratic Modernity has endorsed GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives and are already actively engaging. Interested in contributing to periodical, resilience docs, etc. Will also engage with PEDAGOG and Adelante. A new network started by the Kurdish Movement seeking to expand its relationships with other movements around the world. Ashish participated in a recent conference in Europe.

They are also interested in a gathering of movements of radical democracy from around the world for sometime next year. This is a collaborative idea that we should discuss.

Academy of Democratic Modernity -

3. New weavers updates

3.1 Updates from MASSA

Angging has shared an updated on email and at the last meeting. Will be having a meeting of the weavers as a people's exchange on Sunday. Ashish and Shrishtee will join along with Angging and Arvin from GTA. Expecting to be about 10 people from MASSA. Will be the start of the weaving process region-to-region. The focus will be on how we design the weaving process between weavers.

The session will be recorded for other core group to discuss.

3.2 Updates from Germany

  • The networks are having their own meeting in september so we will wait for their internal discussions to understand how we interact.

3.3 Updates from Brazil

A conversation on-going with Renata from Brazil who suggested connecting with ? (Franco to fill in please). Mauricio offered to participate in the call and share on the GTA. Likely to take place next week.

4. Connection with Greenpeace International

Several GTA members participated in a meeting with GI yesterday.

Seems that there are two different streams of thought on our side. On one side it is a good endorser but there is some skepticism about the GI branding and that this project is just one thing for them for three years and not sure what will happen after. Some of the tools they use also might work to dumb down the issues. Use 9 principles and it may be a different approach from GTA weavers and endorsers. This tension exists and reflects two different philosophies of transformation and poltcal practice.

The question of futures is a very important one and they are bringing it to the fore. Who is doing the most important political and cultural work of imagining futures? Gustavo's idea that “Al future le robaron el future” or “The future has been taken away from the future” is something we need to keep in mind. (

Some concerns: How do you translate the social media reach to action on the ground? How does promotion of our GTA stories lead to support on the ground rather than a form of extractivism?

However the decision is to continue to work with them and see how it develops.

Follow-up steps:

  • Existing campaign that they are running is planned as multi-partner but from our perspective, this means GI made have to go a bit into the background. They will consider this but for this year, continue with GI very much upfront. They will share the campaign in the next GTA Assembly and we can send in our comments on the pillars of the campaign, etc.
  • They will share GTA material on their platforms such as periodicals, resilience stories, etc.
  • From 2023 will start a more collaborative process and this could be connected to the GTA core group and Assembly meetings planned for next year.

5. Second part of Core Gathering

We have around 11 000USD for the GTA core group meetng and 10 000 USD that CM Colombia has where part can be used for this. Extra funding would be needed to cover the costs of all the one interested in participate.

Definitions of previous meeting:

  • CM Colombia: in the next 15 days, a report with the budget of hotels and logistics.
  • Last week of january as the proposed date for the meeting. 7-14 days, will extend to first week of february
  • 1st week can be utilised for the core agenda (3 DAY Bracket)

No new updates on this. Lina is working on the local budget. They have been exploring ldoging options around Cali and they are relatively inexpensive. However costs depend on what kind of accommodation we are willing to accept.

We can do a quick sharing over email about accommodation needs or update the spreadsheet:

Extra funding opportunities

Extra funding opportunities (This would expand the funds available for the core gathering):

We don't have the resources to cover the travel of all of the people who have expressed interest in participating so we are starting to explore additional funding opportunities.

VKRF proposal

VKRF proposal:\_5-5uBIEvngfVN6w6id7SsQce7S97XXWzGwC2VI/edit

This is a family foundation in Denmark ( Shrishtee participated in their conference on poly-crisis and they are looking to fund this. They have opened a call only for the participants of the gathering. They have a significant funding for an initial two years: budgets up to maximum of $600,000 beginning January 1, 2023.

There is a draft at the google address above and any contributions would be great. We plan to ask for resources to secure the general operations of GTA for 2024 and 2025 as well as for the gatherings. asking for 200 000USD for the two years.

Arturo mentioned that they applied for the project in colombia but it is extremely competitive - 100 applications and only 7 asked to send full proposals and only funded a few.

ORA Research
  1. ORA research grant to GTA. Up to 25.000 for action research.

A research project called OMEGA funded by Oak Foundation, a family foundation. They are interested in poly-crisis and how people are responding to it. Shrishtee, Franco and Vasna met with them. They are interested in action-research so we proposed something to compliment our exisitng plan to do a series of interviews and conversations around what people mean about alternatives, what is transformative, etc and also the history of weavers. They want a document speaking to the weavers but also that speaks to an external audience and what it means to movements globally. They have about 25000USD to support this and we need to send a quick proposal on this. The funding has to be used within the next year so they will not fund the GTA Assembly itself but preparations for the gathering. This is the first time they are funding projects hence it is shorter-term. They are especially in Global South and young people.

Lina, Franco, Shrishtee and Vasna agreed to move the proposal forward but if anyone else is interested, they are welcome to contribute. Arturo offered to review.

Angging mentioned that they are doing life histories with indigenous people but with the pandemic some of this work is on hold. Will be releasing one history of a community involved in land occupation and Angging will share this. Will discuss where and how this fits in.

IHG Research Grants
  1. IHG Research Grants. Up to 10.000 for content production.

This requires a proposal by 15 September. Its an open call and probably quite competitive so Vasna is exploring if it is worth applying. Have sent them an email.

The Chrisopher Reynold Foundation
  1. The Chrisopher Reynold Foundation. Already funded some of our Endorsers. See:

Need a deadline on when we decide if we can have the GTA core team meeting as this affects visa applications, etc.


By the end of September we need to revisit this and see what is possible. Budget from Colombia is needed before that deadline. Core group members need to investigate their own visa requirements.

6. Reports status

Report #3

Shrishtee request for stories. Please share any suggestions you have. Shrishtee will send a reminder so we can get started as soon as possible.

Report #4 - Define theme and coordination

We got 2000 USD to cover coordination, design and other production tasks. Marina expressed interest in coordinating it. One of the Lund's interns, Leo Baumgärtner, would be interested in collaborating

Setup a separate meeting in a few weeks with those interested in cordinating

Marina needs some support to understand how to run the process so need a call with Shrishtee and Vasna and other collaborators who want to engage.


Need to coordinate with Marina for a date for a meeting

Send Shrishtee suggestions for resilience vol 3.

7. Other topics


Planet of Hope project status - A research proposal to Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK by Ana Cecilia Dinerstein along with endorser, Ben Parry. Unfortunately the project was not funded but we can use some of the material that was developed in other proposals so we don't give up the idea.

ACD and Franco talked about that and will move the process forward to seek other opportunities.


Grassroots2Global, our partner in Adelante will be hosting their Reworlding event again. They invited Vikalp Sangam to contribute but we all invited to attend. ACD shared the event:

Extra paid support to GTA Facilitation Team

Vera is a former intern with GTA from Lund University. She is currently based in Vietnam and looking for work. she is very keen to support GTA activities but requested payment. At present, the facilitation team has a lot of commitments and does need more support. We are also running a lower number of webinars than we aimed for so have some money to move. Vera has experience in documentation, communication and dissemination as this is work she has done before and she could contribute here already using the funds we have.

More generally, there is a proposal that we could have some GTA staff that are paid if we can generate funds for this. Currently in the available budget, we have some money available for content production.

If we decide to have this category we need to decide on the roles and responsibilities and if they will be part of the GTA core group, etc.


  • Approach Vera to support with documentation this year
  • Continue the discussion on GTA staff

Webinars planning with partners

  • Learnings for alternatives futures
    • Have a webinar collaboration on learning but most of the work is being done by GTA for the logistics.
    • Next session would feature Udi Mandel, but would take place on October. Udi is one of the founders of Ecoversities. He is interested in running a session but he cannot do it in september but 20 October instead. It will be a more philosophical session with Ecoversities and other projects.
    • Also discussed an earlier session with the Kurdish initiative in September.
  • Also have our general GTA webinars planned for one-off webinars. One on a book launch with Dilar Dirik on transnational movements and another on indigenous food systems in Dine, Turtle Island with Lyla June
  • We also think about some webinars related to the resilience documents. This will be one or two sessions.
  • Also have had a webinar with RED on Alternative Economies. We expect a proposal from Pallav for this to be a series.

Need to consider the resources needed for all this and that we don't spread ourselves too thin. Would be good for more GTA core group members to participate in the different series. If we add Vera to the workforce, she can definitely help achieve the planned webinars.


Weavers send updates to Stee and Urvi to be included in the next issue.

GTA assembly #5

Need to define date for the end of September: October 3rd at 13:00 GMT.

Disobedient Futures unconference

Urvi and Vasna to update on invitation

  • Art initative based out of netherlands- unconference in JAN next year. Focus on many alternatives and it ties with with GTA's idea of finding other mediums. They will revert back with some planning and we'll take it from there.
  • Updates: There will be a follow-up meeting on 29th of August at 18.00pm CEST. If anyone would like to join, please let Urvi and Vasna know. They will report back after the meeting on Monday.

Relationship with Radical Ecological Democracy

We have had discussions with Pallav Das from RED and he has facilitated the Alternative Economies. RED is also supported by Kalpavrishk. Should there be an institutional relationship with the website? Its not an organisation or a network and is spearheaded solely by Pallav. We would then need to have some action collaborations such as on the webinars and getting some of the materials published on the RED website. It is important to have a clear articulation of the position in our GTA ecosystem. We already have some individual websites endorsing GTA as “organisational endorser” so it would be in the same vein. This will make us more clear and coherent in how we proceed with everyone.


  • Vasna will write to Pallav asking for an institutional endorsement as RED and acknowledge that there are institutional overlaps but this would be RED and GTA, independent of Kalpavriksh relations.

8. Next meeting

Next core meeting: September 26th at 13:00 GMT/UTC